Camo Baby Shower Ideas

little soldier is on his way party centerpiece
camo themed baby shower ideas and decorations

Camo is a great theme for a country style baby shower. There are endless opportunities for decorating with Camo and the theme can be adjusted to celebrate a baby boy or a baby girl.

If the parents-to-be enjoys the rustic decors, this theme would be the perfect way to incorporate some rustic hunting decor. It’s time to start hunting for the perfect decorations so that your baby shower will be a hidden gem!

little hunter baby shower setup

Camo Baby Shower Invitation

Incorporate plenty of camo patterns for an adorable invitation. Add an image of a deer or hunting accessories if your baby shower revolves around this theme too!

Camo Baby Shower Decoration

Everybody loves a little bit of the camo pattern in their life, so you can really have a good time putting this baby shower together for your guests. Whether you opt for a classic camo look or a pink or blue camo style, get started with all the awesome decorations you can put up. Camo patterned balloons, streamers, and flag garlands boasting the new baby’s name are just the start of what you can do.

Camouflage Balloons

You can set up tables with camo tablecloths and centerpieces of metallic camo confetti and branches and wildlife flowers in mason jars. Baby onesies with camo accents strung up along main event table fronts or the walls are also great decoration ideas that can be keepsakes for the baby to be.

camo baby shower food and decoration setup
Credit: Pocket Full of Parties

For the main table, you can set up a snazzy camo overlay and runner, along with a big Camouflage netting backdrop with a banner welcoming the new bundle of joy and congratulating the mommy-to-be.

Camo Themed Baby Shower Printables

Camo Baby Shower printables is also a great way to complete the decoration! You’ll be able to find items such as cupcake wrappers, banners, straw toppers and even mini favor boxes in camo pattern!

camo army party package

Camo Confetti

Camo confetti is the pefect way to add the finishing touch to your camo themed party. This camo confetti includes bucks that measure approximately two inches tall. The confetti can be used as part of a display table and can be used afterwards for scrapbooking.

pink and realtree camo confetti
by ThePartyDeeva

Camo Themed Mason Jars

This set of three hand painted mason jars will make lovely centerpieces for your party tables. The jars can be filled with flowers as pictured or could hold other objects such as silverware or candles. Each jar is adorned with a bright orange bow. Because the jars are painted on the outside, you can fill the jars with water if you would like to fill them with fresh cut flowers.

Camo Themed Mason Jars

Camo Baby Shower Food

The baby shower food spread for a camo baby shower is as fun as ever, so let your creativity shine! Savoury foods can include easy-to-eat style sandwiches, mini hamburgers in a bun, mini pizzas and sausage rolls.

camo hunting baby shower dessert table
PoppyJackShop on Etsy
camo baby shower food labels fun

The main cake can be multi layered in bright orange frosting and a camo color scheme in the cake once you cut it into slices as a surprise for the guests. Alternatively, you may prefer to purchase a simple plain cake sheet and decorating it with camouflage edible cake frosting sheet images.

camouflage edible cake toppers

For sweets, you can prepare cupcakes frosted with camo themed sprinkle mix and little plastic army toppers, and sugar cookies in the shapes of woodland leaves and cute baby deer are especially adorable, while candies in jars that are in all colors of camo like oranges, greens, and browns add an extra touch to the main event food table.

army cupcakes

Creative cakepops in a shape of Grenades for a little taste bombs of chocolate goodness would do really well for this theme too!

IG: dream_a_little_dream_events

Lemonade and tea are always perfect ideas for beverages that everyone loves and serving them in camo painted mason jars with matching straws and plates to eat on complete the camo look.

Camo Sprinkles
By: SprinklePopShop

Editable Camo Baby Toppers

This adorable baby soldier is editable and is perfect as cake topper. They include personalized letter blocks making the cake even sweeter!

edible baby camo military soldier cake topper

Camo Cupcake Wrappers

Make your cupcakes stand out with these green camo cupcake wrappers. They are printed on high quality cardstock and then cut into the pretty 2″ height scalloped design.

green camo cupcake wrappers
By: simplysweetpartyshop

Camo Napkins

Since you are serving food, it is important to provide your guests with napkins so why not have a camo themed napkins to add to the decoration for the guest table! The packaging is decorated with a small deer head made from card stock.

camo baby shower napkins
by LittleFoxPartyDecor

Camo Baby Shower Game

Baby shower games for a camo themed event will have guests engaged and smiling the entire time. Have guests create camo themed artwork on canvases or mason jars, or stick with more classic games such as Baby Bingo or even Pin the Tail on the Deer.

Find the guest is another fun game that involves guests getting to know each other. Participants will go around asking questions to other guests to find the answers to the questions on the game card. Each participants will fill in the blanks with other guests’ names. These are some fun icebreaker games for your shower event while keeping in the camo theme and wowing all those who attend.

Find the Guest Ice Breaker Baby Shower Game

Camo Photo Booth Props

Army Camo Photo Booth Props
Camo Hunting Photo booth Props

Camo Baby Shower Favors

Favor ideas for a camo baby shower can be a big range, as you can send guests home with gifts that they’ll love and use for years to come. Personalized camo key chains, pens, and beauty kits are creative ideas that are both cute and functional, and really show a guest how much you appreciate them coming to the party. Don’t forget timeless favors such as jars or bags filled with yummy gourmet candies, chocolates and treats.

editable camo baby shower food labels
TheSassabyPartyCo On ETSY

Camo Baby Bottle Cookie Mix Jars

How adorable are these cookie mix jars? Your guests will adore these bottles and will love the opportunity to make a tasty treat when they go home. You can choose between oatmeal, chocolate chip, or M&M cookie mixes. You can even do a combination of these flavors to satisfy the taste buds of all of your guests. Directions are featured on the back of the jar so that your guests will be able to easily make the perfect cookies.

camo baby shower bottle party favors
by FabRustic

Camo Themed Party Photo Collection

Check out these amazing Camo themed baby shower parties by talented event planners and bakers! Find their detail below the image! Enjoy and get inspired!

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little soldier is on his way camo baby shower party
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