Classic Hot Air Balloon Baby Shower


Rustic details and fantastic bold color arrangements made this Classic Hot Air Balloon Baby Shower an instant favorite. With the expert skills of Joy in the Commonplace and other wonderful helpers, this event was a charming example of how spoiled a new mom should be.

The food table was a vintage dream with an aged wooden background that make a perfect stage for the decor.  A flag banner in blue and white advertised that the little baby was a boy.  The table was covered in a soft white cover that allowed all the different colors on top to stand out.  An adorable flag banner was draped across the front that coordinated with the backdrop with orange and cream tones.

Sweets included divine chocolate cupcakes frosted in white that looked like little fluffy clouds. Each had a cute little hot air balloon sticking out of it, broadcasting the theme in tasty style. Starbursts and skittles added rainbows of color in clear bowls on the table.  The show stopper on the table was the cake of course.  With a single, large layer frosted in brown and detailed to look like basket weaving and a marvelous balloon topper this cake had a gorgeous hot air balloon look.

A fantastic vintage case was set at the back with rolls of maps for the guests to check out, adding a classic detail that was superb.

One absolutely wonderful idea used at this party was using fingerprints to create personalized hot air balloon art to remember who all came to celebrate this special moment. Each fingerprint was signed after drying, making a piece of art that was priceless.

Classic-Hot-Air-Balloon-Baby-Shower-Balloon-Decor Classic-Hot-Air-Balloon-Baby-Shower-Coloring Classic-Hot-Air-Balloon-Baby-Shower-Cupcakes Classic-Hot-Air-Balloon-Baby-Shower-Fingerprint-Album Classic-Hot-Air-Balloon-Baby-Shower-Flag-Banner Classic-Hot-Air-Balloon-Baby-Shower-Maps Classic-Hot-Air-Balloon-Baby-Shower-Mini-Balloon Classic-Hot-Air-Balloon-Baby-Shower-Straws Classic-Hot-Air-Balloon-Baby-Shower-Photo-Art

Credits –

Photography: Katie Grace Photography (on Facebook)

Cake and cupcakes: Julianne Farrey

Props/Decor: Nadine with Traditions in Thyme

Help with set up/hot air balloon favors: Family of the mom-to-be

Food: Family of the mom-to-be

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