Pink and Gold Hot Air Balloon Baby Shower

Jessica from Fat Vegan Baby wanted to create a whimsical and colorful shower for her friend and decided that a Hot Air Balloon theme would do the trick. With an elegance and beauty that shown throughout each detail, this party was a hit.

With a pink and gold color palette, this event really had a light and relaxing atmosphere that was enhanced with all kinds of lovely treats and decorations.

Pink and Gold Hot Air Balloon Baby Shower

The cake for this Pink and Gold Hot Air Balloon Baby Shower was magnificent, a massive, one layer wonder of crème frosting and quality detailing. With a lovely vintage cake tray, this dessert made a wonderful centerpiece for this event.

The decorations at the party were unique and wonderful, ranging from florals to hot air balloon banners that really encompassed the theme in it’s entirety. One of my favorite decorations was this hot air balloon made from a beautiful pink lanten, and set on a basket full of gorgeous flowers. With a fun sign labeling the section, this entire table was arrayed in light color and fun.

hot air balloon shower hot-air-balloon-baby-shower

The food table was fantastic, covered in a bold cloth and arrayed nicely with a wide variety of eating options, this table offered a wonderful mix of food and decorations that was sure to impress the guests. There was an adorable bear sitting in a basket that had lots of balloons attached with ribbons that created an innovative decoration for this table. Even the treats went nicely with the theme, like the truffles on sticks that looked like mini-balloons, in the light colors and set on neat trays.

Even the staircase at this party was wrapped in fun, ribbon cascading down the banister with onsies pinned up with cute little clothespins. This even offered a whole lot of fun for everyone to have, with so much effort put into the little details that it was going to be a success for sure.

Credits –

Jessica Shaool of Fat Vegan Baby

Hot Air Balloon Cake & Cupcakes – Angelcakes

Cake Pops – Alexandria Cakepop Company

hot-air-balloon-baby-shower-decorations pink-gold-hot-air-balloon-baby-shower-ideas


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