A Baby Is Brewing Tea Party Shower

A Baby Is Brewing Tea Party Shower Dessert-Table

With a gorgeous outdoor venue this Floral Tea Party Shower was sheer perfection! Undercover Hostess used their expertise to create a tea party that stood out from the rest.

Using the classic idea of a tea party, beautiful china was used to provide an elegant way to celebrate this mom-to-be. The intricate detailing on the tea pots was well matched with the decor used throughout the venue with pastel tones.

A long table was set out with nature as a fabulous backdrop.  On each side of the table massive peach balloons had flowers wrapped around their ribbons, giving a sweet effect.  The table was covered in a light, textured cloth that made a superb base for the pastels that covered it.  Letters stood tall on the back of the table spelling out baby.  Each one was wrapped beautifully in all sorts of pretty flowers.

Other sweet decorations used for the party included wreaths of flowers and a fun pastel tassel in pink and white.

The edibles offered at the party were wonderful tea party favorites that could please any guest.  White powdered donuts were piled high on a white platter.  Delightful cupcakes in red and white polka dot cups were frosted smoothly in white.

All of the foods had labels that added a touch of elegance to the style.

For the drinks, adorable little mason jars added a vintage touch to the decor.  Each had a little pink and white polka dot straw with a tiny tag saying, “It’s a girl!”

Rather than using china for eating, this party made it simple with paper plates and napkins that had cute little flowers on it to blend with the theme.

Gift bags with goodies matched the plates, ensuring that they went fantastically with this tea party fun.

Floral-Tea-Party-Shower-B Floral-Tea-Party-Shower-Bottles Floral-Tea-Party-Shower-China-jpg Floral-Tea-Party-Shower-Cupcakes Floral-Tea-Party-Shower-Donuts Floral-Tea-Party-Shower-Flower-China Floral-Tea-Party-Shower-Flower-Decor Floral-Tea-Party-Shower-Outdoor-Table Floral-Tea-Party-Shower-Polka-Dot-Straws Floral-Tea-Party-Shower-Treat-Table Floral-Tea-Party-Shower-Wreath-Crown

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Undercover Hostess

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