Fabulous Game Of Thrones Baby Shower


This Fabulous Game Of Thrones Baby Shower was planned out by Celebration, Inc. Using fun details from the hit book and movie series, Game of Thrones, this party had an intriguing style that was certain to impress. 

An elegant section of this venue was set aside for the wonderful mom-to-be to sit like royalty.  A massive white chair looked absolutely luxurious with a frame and detailing that created a throne-like appearance.  Beside the table, to blend in with the theme appropriately, a small side table held a chest that displayed a pile of ‘dragon’ eggs.  A silver crown stood on top of them.

Using candlelight for mood setting, the illumination in the room was soft and cozy. The dessert table was a stunning mix of snacks and decor. A massive backdrop of a large castle made the perfect introduction to this space. With curtains draped on each side, the dessert area stood out prominently. 

The dessert table was wonderfully created with a large slab set on large barrels, giving a classic rustic look to the room. Small wooden treasure chests filled in spaces on the dessert table along with neat miniature easels with artwork displayed on them. Large candelabras stood at the back of the table, each holding five candles.

The celebratory cake was quite fantastic with two layers frosted in a blend of dark and light tones. The bottom layer was textured to look like scales and a crown of swords stood on top with a cute “baby is coming” sign. Other tasty treats included cupcakes that were frosted to look like flames were coming out of the tops and delicious looking cakepops with tiny detailing.

The guest tables were set with blue covers and featured centerpieces of magnificent white trees with leaves set on it. Small candles added to the inviting look too.


fabulous-game-of-thrones-baby-shower-brownies fabulous-game-of-thrones-baby-shower-cake fabulous-game-of-thrones-baby-shower-cakepops fabulous-game-of-thrones-baby-shower-cookies fabulous-game-of-thrones-baby-shower-cupcakes fabulous-game-of-thrones-baby-shower-eggs fabulous-game-of-thrones-baby-shower-map-treats fabulous-game-of-thrones-baby-shower-sugar-cookies fabulous-game-of-thrones-baby-shower-tree fabulous-game-of-thrones-baby-shower-white-chair


Planning/design - Celebration, Inc


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