Golden and Pink Baby Shower


This golden and pink baby shower was planned by Beaus and Bouquets Wedding & Event Planning. This party was planned in true royal fashion to celebrate a future princess. 

Guests were greeted with a large purple letter “E” to celebrate the royal baby. The letter featured the name of the baby being celebrated and a large sparkling crown on the top. On either side of the letter were two baby bottles tied with pretty purple ribbon. 

The desert table was bursting with bright colors, but of course, also featured pops of pink and gold. A beautiful two-tier cake sat in the middle of the table. The cake included an elegant pink bow around the middle and a gold crown on the top. Behind the cake was a large centerpiece made from multicolored suckers. Guests could also choose from pretzels dipped in purple chocolate and other royal candies. 

A side table with a pink and gold background offered guests bottled water to quench their thirst. The table also included a large four-tier diaper cake. The cake was wrapped in purple, pink, and gold ribbon and even had pointed tops to look like a castle. 

Credit: Beaus and Bouquets Wedding & Event Planning






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