Hot Air Balloon Baby Shower (Rainbow)

Playful Hot Air Balloon (Rainbow) Baby Shower Ideas:

Up, up and away! A little boy is on the way!
by Pepper Design Blog

Take the baby for a nice trip among the clouds! Hot air balloon themed baby shower!

So you might not be taking the baby on a hot air balloon, instead, you will be taking the hot air balloon to the baby on this special day of Baby Shower!
As you might have seen, when planning a baby shower we are planning not just a party but a complete and astounding experience by itself.

The first thing to take into account is the invitation. The invitations can be very simple and yet very eye catching. For those thinking of making an invitation, start off making some circle shape on a nice patterned cardstock paper to resemble a balloon and beneath it a basket shape. Cut it out and paste this cutout on a another piece of paper that will make up the invitation. This way your invitations speak for themselves: We are having a Hot Air Balloon theme baby shower hooray!

Editable Invitations

boy up up and away invitation editable

editable adventure awaits invitation


blue and gold hot air balloon editable invitation

pink and gold editable hot air balloon invitation


For the decoration, have in mind that hot air balloons, they have mostly bright rainbow colors. So anything that you are going to decorate the room with, you may want to avoid dark and plain colors. Even if your theme revolves around pastels there are soft rainbow pastel colored balloons. You can still keep the back ground decorations (if having any) and covers such as table covers white or very light blue as this would resemble white that would blend perfectly with your colorful decorations.

Needless to say, have lots of helium balloons all over the room. Recommended colors are blue and white. At one side of the room have a relatively large basket with a giant helium balloon tied to it using a net to cover the whole circumference of the balloon, this way the guests can put the gifts inside of it. You could also use white balloons to resemble clouds around the basket. One of my favorite decoration I have seen that I think would work perfectly for this theme are ‘upholstered’ helium balloons. You can use tulle or any thin decorative fabrics to upholster the balloons. They were by Bespoke Balloonery. Here is the amazing photo I saw.

decorative fabrics to upholster the balloons

If you have a dessert table, you could have a big rainbow drawn up on a large paper to go behind the table.

rainbow banner
rainbow banner
rainbow printable
rainbow printable

FREE Rainbow themed baby shower printable

FREE Rainbow themed baby shower printable
FREE Rainbow themed baby shower printable
FREE Rainbow themed baby shower printable
FREE Rainbow themed baby shower printable

FREE Hot Air Balloon themed baby shower printable

FREE Hot Air Balloon themed baby shower printable
FREE Hot Air Balloon themed baby shower printable

Food Ideas

As for the food, this can be very easy. Make some roasted chicken or order it from a restaurant. This is a relatively cheap alternative and will save you time of cooking and cleaning your kitchen. Besides, roasted chicken is liked by the so many people. Besides the roast, prepare some delicious sandwishes and other fingerfoods such as mini pizzas, meatballs, cheese and crackers and so on.

Le’s now go on to the cake. According to the number of guests you can make a normal or a tiered cake. The tiered cake will prove to be visually more attractive. In the place you buy the cake, ask them to put hot air balloons as a decoration for the cake, a little baby could be sleeping in the basket or peeping out the basket waiting to arrive. These can be done in either edible or inedible ingredients. If done on edible ingredients, guests can actually get to eat the candy hot air balloons, can it get better than that! If you decide to have a fairly plain cake on the outside you can surprise the guests with a rainbow colored sponge cake on the inside.

Hot Air Balloon | Rainbow Themed Baby Shower cakepops

Hot Air Balloon / Rainbow Themed Baby Shower cake
How to Make a Rainbow Cake Video by Rosanna via Youtube


Games & Favors

Everybody loves funny stories. Since hot air balloons are fun, you can then suggest a game in which people tells anecdotes of their lives. Finally, the person with the funniest story wins. What does he or she win? The prize can be something practical or fun, purchased or handmade such as soup in a shape of a sweet baby or candles or a handmade Rattle bath puffs.

Rattle bath puffs

If you have kids attending the shower, they love helium balloons even if they don’t have a basket beneath them so have plenty of colorful balloons filled with helium. Have more than enough of them to give each one of the kids at the end of the baby shower, they will love them.

For adults, the souvenir is a little more complex. Grab some little helium balloons and tiny baskets. You could tied them up with a little rope using glue gun or buy cutting up small holes on the foam cup to loop the string. Inside the basket you could put some sweet Jordan almonds and candies.

Have a nice Hot Air Balloon theme baby shower with these wonderful ideas!

Hot Air Balloon Baby Shower Favors

Personalized glass favors with hot air balloon labelPersonalized Baby Shower Hershey's Kisses Personalized Baby Shower Hershey's Miniatures


Rainbow colored gable favor boxes

rainbow gable boxes

Rainbow Baby Shower Games



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