Hot Air Balloon Themed Baby Shower (Up Up and Away)

hot air balloon baby shower centerpiece
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Up, up and away A little boy is on the way
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Take everyone for a nice trip among the clouds with a charming hot air balloon themed baby shower!

A hot air balloon theme for a baby shower is a whimsical and delightful choice. By incorporating a color scheme that reflects the light and airy feel of hot air balloons, such as soft pastels or a combination of vibrant hues, your hot air balloon-themed baby shower is sure to be a soaring success!

wonderful hot air balloon beary wait baby shower

Hot Air Balloon Baby Shower Invitations

For those thinking of making an invitation, start off making some circle shape on a nice patterned cardstock paper to resemble a balloon and beneath it a basket shape. Cut it out and paste this cutout on another piece of paper that will make up the invitation. This way your invitations speak for themselves: We are having a Hot Air Balloon theme baby shower hooray!


Hot Air Balloon Baby Shower Decorations

If your theme revolves around pastels there are soft rainbow pastel colored balloons. You can still keep the background decorations and covers such as table covers white or very light blue as this would resemble clouds or the sky. You could also use white balloons to resemble clouds around the main dessert table.


One of my favorite decorations I have seen that I think would work perfectly for this theme are ‘upholstered’ helium balloons. You can use tulle or any thin decorative fabric to upholster the balloons.

decorative fabrics to upholster the balloons
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creative simple hot air balloon centerpiece using regular balloons

Balloon Centerpieces

Create balloon centerpieces with mini hot air balloons. Use baskets, boxes or small containers as the baskets. Add a balloon or paper lantern on top for a handmade hot air balloon centerpiece. You can place the mini hot air balloons on guest tables.

we can bearly wait Teddy Bear Hot Air Balloon Theme Baby Shower

Cloud Backdrop

Set up a backdrop resembling fluffy clouds to enhance the hot air balloon theme. Add oversized hot air balloon cutouts for a whimsical touch.

Hot Air Balloon Diaper Cake

Build a diaper cake in the shape of a hot air balloon. Use diapers, baby essentials, and ribbons to craft this adorable centerpiece.

Balloon Release

Consider having a balloon release at the end of the baby shower. Choose biodegradable balloons in colors that match the theme for an eco-friendly option.

rainbow banner
rainbow banner
rainbow printable
rainbow printable

FREE Hot Air Balloon Party Printable

FREE Rainbow themed baby shower printable
FREE Rainbow themed baby shower printable

Hot Air Balloon Baby Shower Food Ideas

Prepare some delicious small cucumber sandwiches with cream cheese and herbs. Cut them into bite-sized squares for a refreshing option. Other finger foods such as mini pizzas, meatballs, cheese and crackers, and bite-sized quiches with various fillings are some great ideas. Create fruit skewers with colorful fruits like grapes, strawberries, and melon balls. For treats, you can serve meringue kisses and arrange them on a platter for a light and airy sweet treat.

Hot air balloon theme party desserts
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cutest hot air balloon themed sugar cookies creative

Hot Air Balloon Cookies

Serve creative sugar cookies shaped like hot air balloons and adorable baby items. Decorate them with icing to match the overall theme.

Hot Air Balloon Cupcakes

Create cupcakes with hot air balloon toppers. Use edible decorations or small toy hot air balloons for a cute effect.

Hot Air Balloon Baby Shower Activities

Hot Air Balloon Wishing Well

Create a hot air balloon-themed wishing well where guests can drop cards with their wishes for the baby.

Hot Air Balloon Onesie Decorating Station

Set up a station where guests can decorate onesies with hot air balloon designs. Provide fabric markers, stencils, and other embellishments. You can purchase Onesie decorating kit from Etsy or Amazon.


Hot Air Balloon Baby Shower Games

Blue hot air balloon baby shower games
Blue hot air balloon baby shower games

Hot Air Balloon Baby Shower Favors

Baby shower favors can be something practical or fun, purchased or handmade such as soap in a shape of a sweet baby or candles or handmade Rattle bath puffs. Personalize them with a sweet thank-you tag.

Rattle bath puffs

Hot Air Balloon Party Collection

Adorable Hot Air Balloon themed baby shower events by so many amazing event planners! You can find the planner’s name below each image. I hope you get some inspiration.

blue hot air balloon baby shower large cut out props
Hot air Balloon theme Baby shower dessert table in pastel shades
yellow and grey hot air balloon themed baby shower dessert table
hot air balloon centerpieces
Oh the places she will go
Teddy Bear Hot Air Balloon Theme Baby Shower cake
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up up and away twins are on the way baby shower
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peach and mint hot air balloon baby shower
Fly fly fly away baby shower theme
elegant blue and silver hot air balloon with teddy bear
sweet girl dreamy hotair balloon theme
twins hot air balloon baby shower
Travel adventure theme suitcase baby shower cake
hot air balloon theme in blue and pink
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teddy bear hot air balloon centerpiece
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