Minion Baby Shower Ideas

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The Minion movie is arguably the most adorable little thing out there, so what better theme for a baby shower than these tiny, yellow cuties? You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who doesn’t love the minions, so guests will be especially excited about this baby shower when they get their own little minion-inspired invitations in the mail.


And lucky for you, this is an easy and extremely fun baby shower to decorate for! Whether you choose to go the DIY route, pre-buy everything, or both, you’ll be delighted at how many options are out there for all things minions.

Minion Baby Shower Invitation

Designing Minion-themed baby shower invitations is a fantastic way to set the tone for a fun and whimsical celebration. You can have the Minion holding a baby bottle or wearing a baby diaper to signify the baby shower theme. This instantly lets the guests know about the Minion theme and the joyous occasion.

Craft creative and playful wording for the invitation. Play with Minion language and phrases like “Bello, everyone! Join us in celebrating [Mom-to-Be’s Name]’s upcoming arrival of her little Minion!” or “It’s a Minion Mayhem Baby Shower!”

Minion Baby Shower Decorations


You’ve got a really easy color pallet to work with when it comes to décor and food—yellow and blue! or yellow and pink for baby girl!

Little stuffed minion toys all around the venue (which you can add on to the baby’s nursery later), a garland made from baby minion onesies that you can request guests bring for the new baby, and balloons that are little minion faces are must-haves for your minion baby shower.

Minions Baby Shower Ideas

Have the Minions movies playing in the background, and set up a fun guest activity to guess some minion gibberish phrases.

Chalkboard signs welcoming the new bundle of joy in minion speak, streamers in bright blues and yellows, and big posters—as many as you can get your hands on—of all the minion favorites, really round out the theme of the party.


FREE Minion Party Printables

Minion themed party printables are a fantastic way to add fun and cohesive elements to your Minion party decor. Here are some Minion party printables ideas that you can use for decorations, favors, and more.

Free Boy Minion Baby Shower Printable

Free Girl Minion Baby Shower Printable

Minion Baby Shower Favors

You can also put together some truly awesome baby shower favors keeping in the theme of really cool minion items such as socks, keychains, koozies, wine charms, and soap bars. For the soap bars, you can have yellow and blue soap bars wrapped in Minion-themed packaging.


For edible favors, you can go for Minion Sweets and Treats by preparing favor bags or boxes filled with Minion-themed candies, such as banana-flavored taffy, yellow and blue M&M’s, or Minion-shaped cookies.


Other great baby shower favor ideas include small packets of flower seeds or herbs with Minion-themed packaging and a tag that says, “Watch Our Love Grow.” Small planers or pots decorated with Minion faces and filled with succulents or small plants is another fantastic favor idea.


Remember to package the favors in cute Minion-themed boxes, bags, or wraps, and include a tag or label with a sweet “Thank You” message and little minion stickers. These Minion baby shower favors will add a touch of whimsy and gratitude to the celebration, making it even more memorable for your guests.

Despicable Me Minion Baby Shower Candies
Etsy BrookieSprinkles

Minion Baby Shower Food

Speaking of food, craft up a yummy food table like no other for this shower. A big cake in the form of the mom-to-be’s favorite minion is a perfect idea, along with cookies in the shape of as many of the different minions as possible.

Girl Minion Baby Shower Cake
minion baby shower sweets

Cake pops with minion faces, apothecary containers full of minion candies, or just yellow and blue sweets in general, along with plenty of yummy finger foods and refreshments, are all fabulous additions for your guests’ hungry tummies!


Of course, you also can’t forget the aesthetics of the necessary items, such as tableware. Minion plates, napkins, forks, and serving ware all add an extra touch of minion fun to the party—plus they are disposable, helping you to clean up your afterparty mess up in a breeze!


FREE Minion Eyes Printable

Free Minion eyes for you to download and print at home. You can stick them on anything you wish, balloons, bananas, favor bags, etc.

Minion Baby Shower Games

Here are some entertaining Minion-themed baby shower game ideas below: These games will surely add a lot of laughter and joy to the Minion Baby Shower, creating unforgettable memories for the parents-to-be and guests alike.

Pin the Eye on the Minion

A playful twist on the classic “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” game. Create a large poster-sized image of a Minion without one of its eyes. Blindfold each participant, give them a cut-out eye with double-sided tape on the back, and let them try to place the eye in the correct spot on the Minion.

Minion Memory Match

Design a set of cards featuring various Minion characters or related baby items. Lay the cards face down, and guests take turns flipping two cards over at a time, trying to find matching pairs. The one with the most matches at the end wins.

“Despicable Diaper” Challenge

Prepare several diapers, each filled with a different type of melted chocolate candy (such as Snickers, Milky Way, or Hershey’s). Number the diapers, and have guests sniff or examine the contents to guess which candy is in each diaper. It’s a humorous and entertaining game that will have everyone laughing.

Minion Onesie Decoration

Provide plain white onesies and fabric markers or iron-on Minion-themed transfers. Guests can get creative and design adorable Minion-themed onesies for the baby. The expectant parents get to keep these personalized onesies as special gifts.

Minion Baby Shower Charades

Create a list of baby-related words or phrases with a Minion twist (e.g., “Banana Bottle,” “Diaper Dance,” “Goo Goo Goggles”). Divide guests into teams and have them act out the Minion-themed baby-related phrases while others guess.


Minion Baby Shower Party Collection

Check out these amazing Minion-themed baby shower parties by talented event planners and bakers! Find their detail below the image! Enjoy and get inspired!

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