Shimmering Heaven Sent Baby Shower


Grace and elegance was the name of the game at this Shimmering Heaven Sent Baby Shower created by Mon Delice. With soft blue and white tones for the color palette, the venue was a vision of pure elegance.

The details at this party were stunning from the intricate desserts to the fabulous decor of the room. To give the room a “heaven sent” vibe, adorable little clouds were incorporated into each bit of decor along with lovely white flowers and baby’s breath.
A long buffet style table was used for the desserts, making it simple for the guests to see what was available to eat. The backdrop for this table was a graceful vision of delight.  Heaven Sent was spelled out in large cut out letters and was hung behind a lovely sheer white fabric on top of a soft blue base.  Fluffy clouds were made to accent the letters perfectly. With a textured style, they gave the whole look fresh dimension.

The table was filled to the brim with goodies for each visitor to enjoy. A fantastic assortment of tray styles gave a sophisticated look to the table and made it simple to reach each individual treat.  Cake pops were frosted in soft blue and had cute little clouds on sticks coming from them and were set on beautiful circular trays. Delightful frosted pretzels made a delicious addition to this table. On tall cake trays at the back of the table, perfectly sublime cupcakes were frosted in white and placed in gorgeous cupcake holders for everyone to try out.  They surrounded sweet bouquets of white flowers.

The cake was a beauty with two layers of marbled blue and white frosting.  Cloud detailing was added as well as the cutest topper ever.  A little bear sleeping inside a crescent moon was the perfect finishing touch to this gorgeous cake.

Shimmering-Heaven-Sent-Baby-Shower-Cake Shimmering-Heaven-Sent-Baby-Shower-Cakepops Shimmering-Heaven-Sent-Baby-Shower-Cookies Shimmering-Heaven-Sent-Baby-Shower-Cupcakes Shimmering-Heaven-Sent-Baby-Shower-Dessert-Table Shimmering-Heaven-Sent-Baby-Shower-Layered-Cake Shimmering-Heaven-Sent-Baby-Shower-Treats Shimmering-Heaven-Sent-Baby-Shower-Treat-Table

Credits –

Mon Delice

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