Festive Little Pumpkin Baby Shower


What could be better in the fall than a Festive Little Pumpkin Baby Shower? This darling little event was beautifully created by Festiva Party Design. Using some favorite fall shades and a delightful pumpkin theme, this party was an elegant and warm celebration of life to come.

Sweet little diy details made this party unique including a gorgeous dress banner that hung behind the snack table that said, “Little Pumpkin,” in cute lettering. Each dress had an interesting pattern and was hung on a line with mini-clothespins.


The buffet was set-up in a fantastic manner, with a long table accented on each side with fun details. One side had a round, vintage styled table that held a sweet little bench with pumpkins, as well as a fun activity for the guests to participate in. The other side of the table featured a bale of hay, large bouquet of beautiful flowers, a pumpkin and a small white fence that was lined with leaves, creating a fall-like effect that was also a great photo spot.

The buffet table was covered in a lovely, sheer fabric that had a mix of neutral tones that made a fantastic base for the sweets.  Each snack was advertised with a wonderful little label that matched the theme in fun orange colors and patterns.  Passion fruit mousse was a favorite in this set-up with cute little square containers and spoons in each to make it simple for guests to start enjoying.  Chocolate covered cashews were put into adorable little cones in green and orange and set in a wonderful white tray.  A neat white tiered tray held the sumptuous cupcakes, each in an orange or green holder with a sweet little leaf topper.  With a scattering of pumpkins throughout the venue and cute framed clipart, this theme was well displayed.

Festive-Little-Pumpkin-Baby-Shower-Chocolate-Cashews Festive-Little-Pumpkin-Baby-Shower-Cupcakes Festive-Little-Pumpkin-Baby-Shower-Cupcake-Topper Festive-Little-Pumpkin-Baby-Shower-Dress-Banner Festive-Little-Pumpkin-Baby-Shower-Floral-Decor Festive-Little-Pumpkin-Baby-Shower-Framed-Clipart Festive-Little-Pumpkin-Baby-Shower-Garden-Game Festive-Little-Pumpkin-Baby-Shower-Glassware Festive-Little-Pumpkin-Baby-Shower-Mousse-Label Festive-Little-Pumpkin-Baby-Shower-Recipe Festive-Little-Pumpkin-Baby-Shower-Snack-Table Festive-Little-Pumpkin-Baby-Shower-Treat-Label Festive-Little-Pumpkin-Baby-Shower-Treats

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