Mickey Mouse Party Theme

This Mickey Mouse Themed party really brought the classic character to life with all of the fantastic work that Olivia of Invento Festa put into it.

mickey mouse party ideas

The dessert table was a sight with such an array of treats it was hard to pick which ones to look at first! The table was decorated with a vibrant red cloth and had a black back drop, bringing Mickey’s color palatte out in a great display.

The birthday cake was a work of perfection with two lovely layers that were frosted in bright red, orange, black and white and placed carefully on a fantastic tiered tray bringing this party the attention it deserved.

Mickey mouse party theme

There were individually wrapped candied apples that had bright yellow ribbons, all circled nicely on a tray and in the center was Mickey, holding up an apple himself, making this decoration a hit.

On each side of the delicious cake were gum-drop Mickey silhouettes that were impeccably done and looked great in large white vases. They provided the perfect accent pieces to the cake.

There were even yummy looking, white covered truffles that had been placed in adorable polka dot boxes and set on a wonderful black tray, really inviting guests to enjoy.

There was a very creative decoration that said, “Oh Toodles” in a brilliant red frame that would make any Mickey Clubhouse fan smile.

One of my favorite treats were the pudding cups that had been carefully decorated with polka-dot ribbons, buttons and bows.  They looked sensational!

Mickey mouse party theme

Everything at this Mickey Mouse Party Theme was completely decorated and very entertaining, there were even massive lollipops in a popcorn container!

mickey mouse party ideas

The guest table brought a simplistic creativity to the party with red draped cloths and an adorable little centerpiece.  Even a small Mickey on the wall beside the table invited the theme with a sweet touch.

mickey mouse party ideas

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