Sloth Baby Shower Ideas





One of the cutest (and currently most popular) little animals in all the world is the sloth. From kids to adults alike, we just can’t seem to resist the overall adorableness of the laid-back creature with a seemingly constant smile on his face. What better way to celebrate the upcoming birth of a brand new adorable baby than with a sloth themed shower?! In a snap, you can create a gorgeous invitation for guests, featuring a pastel blue or pink background, with the image of a mother sloth cuddling up on her baby sloth to get everyone excited for the celebration.


Pick your favorite font to get your decorations ready to go. Chalkboard signs and cute triangle banners with phrases like “Let’s Hang!” Fresh hydrangeas in blues, pinks, and whites make beautiful arrangements for centerpieces, while big palm leaves placed throughout the party space give that bright feel of where a sloth calls home in the trees. For party food, think of more neutral colors and flavors that bring about a relaxed, content feel, such as vanilla cupcakes with buttercream frosting, sugar wafer sticks, and cakepops in the form of sloth smiley faces. Speaking of delicious treats, put together guest favor boxes with a happy baby sloth image on the front of the fold up container, and fill it without gourmet goodies, sloth stickers, and even a miniature stuffed sloth animal!

Sloth Baby Shower Games


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