Tiffany Baby Shower

This Tiffany Baby Shower was created with a pristine styling by Melina of Ambientaciones Infantiles. Her attention to detail and use of all sorts of classic Tiffany touches really gave this baby shower an elegant look.

The dessert table was set up immaculately with an abundance of delicious treats along with an array of decor that really made it stand out. A backdrop of teal, black and white covered the length of the entire table, drawing the eye easily.  It was designed in a valence style with strands of ribbons to accent each part beautifully.  To finish it off, the backdrop had lovely ornate frames with photos for the guests to check, their vintage style going with the Tiffany theme perfectly.

tiffany baby shower ideas decorations

Each of the desserts was gorgeously laid out on elegant trays and stands, ensuring a sophisticated look.  Massive cake pops were frosted to mimic Tiffany boxes with sticks to make it easy to grab and eat them. They were set on a tall mirrored stand with dangling crystal like jewels.  Other tasty treats included sugar cookies that featured keys, and boxes for their frosted look.  Some of the yummy edibles were wrapped in blue and white with personalized labels for a unique effect.

The table used to hold all the goodies was a fantastic vintage style in white that made the perfect addition to a Tiffany Shower.  Pearls were expertly draped around to ensure that everyone would know the theme.

Some other fun touches included a massive diaper cake that was wrapped in gorgeous blue and clear ribbon with embellishments on it and covered in strands of pearls.  Bottles wrapped in blue ribbon with adorable polka dot straws were even used for beverages to enjoy.

A three layer wonder made a smooth addition to this party with a top layer shaped into a Tiffany’s box and fantastic detailing from top to bottom.

Credits - Melina of Ambientaciones Infantiles

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