Coco Chanel Baby Shower Ideas

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Coco Chanel is a timeless brand of sophistication, and bringing this crisp, pretty look to a baby shower is a fabulous way to celebrate. Especially for the upcoming arrival of a little girl, a Chanel baby shower is fun, vibrant, and full of joy.

With a color palette of pinks, blacks, and whites, you have so many options for beautiful décor, food, and favors when you choose this motif for a baby shower.

Chanel Baby Shower Invitations

Editable Invitation
coco chanel baby shower diaper shaped invitation
TheCoutureInviteDiva via Etsy

Chanel Baby Shower Decorations

Decorations will turn the party space into a gorgeous one, so start with black and pearl white balloons, Chanel logo garland, and black and white Striped tablecloths of silk or satin.

classy and fabulous chanel baby shower table setup
 Blown Away Events & Services

Plop baby pink and white florals in beautifully embellished vases to serve as unique baby shower centerpieces that really pop, and for your tableware, opt for teacups, matching china, and distressed silverware. Champagne flutes are also a must, no matter what the guests will be drinking, as this is a posh Chanel staple.

White and black polka dot onesies hanging up along the party space that features the Chanel logo are an adorable addition, while accessories like Chanel hatboxes full of pretty tissue with costume jewelry and Chanel perfume bottles pull together the perfect Chanel look.

Black and Pink COCO Chanel Party Printable
COCO Chanel Party Printable

Chanel Baby Shower Food

An elaborate event cake in the Chanel feel is a must-have, so plan for a detailed one with multi tiers and a cushioned design look, complete with sugar pearl accents.

chanel baby shower cake
Kate of Kiss Me Kate

Display your cake on an event table draped in lace and rhinestones, and put up a large backdrop with a welcome message. While a Coco Chanel gigantic, glittery logo is a great idea, you can also go more elaborate with a backdrop, like one by inkmebeautiful that features a baby girl in Paris with Eiffel Tower in the back, announcing “A Girl should be two things…Classy & fabulous“!

A Girl should be two things...Classy and fabulous chanel backdrop

An array of treats like Chanel frosted sugar cookies, cupcakes with thick pink frosting and Chanel logo toppers, baby girl cake pops, and apothecary jars full of candies in the classic Chanel colors like blacks, whites, and pinks. Salty fares should be very brunch-like, so stick with finger foods like veggies and dip, tea sandwiches, and quiche.

chanel baby shower sweet ideas
Dulce Cupcakery 

Chanel Baby Shower Games

Fun activities include Baby Mad Libs, Baby Bingo, or even a more creative, unique game in which you provide a guestbook for guests to write in messages to the baby girl to be of a signature fashion staple that should always be in her closet. These kind of games are light, interactive, and truly engaging for the guests and the new mommy.


If you are after modern and unique baby shower games, you may want to try Labor or Horror Baby Shower Game or Baby Van Gogh.


Chanel Baby Shower Favors

Classy and Fabulous Baby Shower EDITABLE Chip Bag

Party favors can be black and white striped baby carriage sugar cookies or another kind of treat, Chanel design chip bags, pink bath bombs, personalized candles with Chanel logo label, feather boas, or feather pinned fedoras—all in glitzy colors of course—are fun and memorable favors that will put a smile on your guests’ faces.


Whatever you decide on for your favors, make sure to wrap up the goodies in a Chanel bag with lots of soft tissue paper and bows.

how to plan chanel baby shower
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