Yellow and Gray Chevron Elephant Baby Shower


The contemporary design of this Yellow and Gray Elephant Baby Shower made it a sophisticated and memorable event for all who were lucky enough to attend. With the genius designing skills of Allure Events Atelier, the venue for the party was a vision of beauty.

The lovely Elephant theme was a fantastic idea, as an Elephant is a symbol of luck in Hindu culture, and with a blending of the yellow, gray and white tones, the party had a warm and inviting look.


Tables were arranged in a unique fashion with some rectangular and some round for the guests to relax and eat at.  Each one had a shimmering gray cover and a delightful arrangement of yellow flowers for the centerpieces.  The plates had fabulous Elephant styled menus, so everyone would know what was available to try out.


A long table held a vast variety of treats for everyone to enjoy, covered in a brilliant sequined, white cover.  Above the table layered hanging lanterns and poms in yellow, white and gray filled the space, giving a modern sheek look. There was a wonderful range of snacks to enjoy from pudding cups with raspberries to mini cupcakes frosted in white.

There were even little bags of chocolate covered cashews to take home! Each treat was placed with perfection on trays at varying levels to create a full look and leave everything easy to access.  

The center and ends of the table had cute arrangements of yellow flowers as well, adding a vibrant pop of color to the decor.  Cake pops were set out front and center, frosted in white with white sticks. There were also several clear jars filled with tasty candies that matched the theme colors smoothly. Each treat was labeled with a cute little elephant tag.


chevron-elephant-baby-shower-chairs chevron-elephant-baby-shower-chocolate-covered-cashews chevron-elephant-baby-shower-cupcakes chevron-elephant-baby-shower-painting-station chevron-elephant-baby-shower-pudding chevron-elephant-baby-shower-round-tables chevron-elephant-baby-shower-seating chevron-elephant-baby-shower-treats chevron-elephant-baby-shower-vases

Credits –

Styling/Design – Allure Events Atelier

Photographs – Anya Kernes

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