Tutu Ballerina Themed Baby Shower Ideas

If you are celebrating the arrival of a new baby girl, and you’re strapped for time and have enough on your plate. But want to ensure a fun and memorable shower, then you don’t need to look too far for a theme that provides an abundance of adorable ideas, props, decorations, and games. This is definitely one of the most popular baby girl shower themes, that is of course is Ballerina! If mommy-to-be also likes all shades of pinks, tulle, and all things girly then there is more reason for this theme.

Welcome your guests to your special Ballerina themed baby shower! It’s sure to keep them dancing for more! So splash out on pastel pinks, tulle, ribbons, ballet slippers, tutus, crowns, sparkly confetti, and the list goes on!

Ballerina Baby Shower Invitations

For invitations, there are all kinds of ballerina themed invitations you can pick from. You can have a print of a ballerina mid twirl or even just the black silhouette on the pink paper. You can go with the tutu and shoes if you want too or have the invitation surrounded by an actual tulle border.

Ballerina Baby Shower Decors

How to make Tulle Tutu Pom Poms by NashvilleWraps via youtube

If you are having a simple cake, you can decorate fancy with mini tulle pom poms as a topper using the video tutorial above. You can also use them for cupcake toppers to match. Otherwise, another option for a stunning cake would be a tiered all pink fondant cake with a tutu around it and at the top, ballet slippers or you can have a ballerina dancing on top of it.

Maggie’s Enchanted Events

You can use tutus for decoration pinned up with clothespins. This would always look cute above the cake or gift table, or even behind the main dessert table. Also, you can use tulle to make a canopy with pink tulle or paper pom poms above the dessert or food table.

Pale Pink Tutu Table Skirt

Even tulle table covering and skirting would look cute. See tutorial video below. They almost make the table look like a ballerina. Take advantage of the tulle as much as you can because there is almost no other time in your life to have this much fun with it. You can use strips of it to tie bows around the chairs too. That will always work and looks so precious.

Table tutu skirt tutorial by Geeloveesu

toppers for Tutu / Ballerina Themed Baby Shower
tutu decoration for tutu themed baby shower

Decorative Water Bottle Labels

These water bottle labels can be personalized to fit your needs and will fit almost any type of bottle. This image also includes adorable paper straws which can be purchased separately if desired. The picture shows the labels being used on mason jars which would be cute if you are serving pink lemonade, however, if mason jars are not your style, the labels will also fit a standard plastic water bottle. The label can be personalized to fit your celebration!

Pink Baby Shower Centerpiece

You can theme your tables with these adorable centerpieces! The decorations can be placed in just about anything and will make your tables appear picture perfect! You could even use a clear vase filled with matching candy to add an extra pop of pink! The centerpiece can be customized to include the name of the baby that is being celebrated.

Ballerina Baby Shower Napkin Holders

These napkin holders will add some style to your plain white napkins. The napkin holders are sold in sets of twelve and are printed on high-quality cardstock. In addition, these napkin holders are simple to set up. You just wrap the napkin holders around the napkins of your choice and then secure the holders with a small piece of tape.

Ballerina Baby Shower Favors

For the baby shower favors, you can have cookies shaped like tutus and ballet slippers iced to look just like them. That would be such a perfect gift. I am sure you could also do cupcakes wearing tutus too or ballerina cupcakes in a pretty box. Even little ballet slipper statuettes or ballerina would be a great favor.

Ballerina Cupcakes – Make Ballet Tutu Cupcakes with Cupcake by MyCupcakeAddiction

Tutu Baby Bottle Favors

Every baby shower needs some favors! These tutu baby bottles will make the perfect favors for your guests to bring home! You get to choose your color of the tutu to match your other shower decor. You can even choose the option to add a touch of glitter. The bottles come with a pink lid and coordinating ribbon. You can fill the bottles with delicious candy or another filling of your choice.

FREE Ballerina Baby Shower Printable

free ballerina themed baby shower printable, baby shower printable

Ballerina Baby Shower Games

The perfect party game for this theme is Pin the tutu on the baby. It is always good when you can adapt the game to the theme. Another game that I am sure you will enjoy is how much tulle would it take to make mommy a tutu. Whoever guesses the closest wins!

Other popular activities include, Wishes for the baby, advice the mommy-to-be, Price is right, bingo and so many more.


FREE Printable Ballerina Game


Diaper Cakes Centerpiece

Perfect for table centerpiece, decoration overall, and for gift for the mommy to be.  If you don’t want to purchase one you may want to attempt at making this attractive cake.

diaper cake in ballerina theme

No matter what you do, how much or how little, it will be adorable. I am sure that your friend will be very grateful to know that she has people willing to go to such lengths on her behalf. Remember to have a good time yourself, just because you are hosting doesn’t mean you should have less fun.

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