Valentine’s Day Baby Shower Ideas

Valentine’s Day is the day of love and adoration celebrated all over the world. What better holiday, then, to theme a baby shower after than the one in which we pay homage to what we hold dearest in our hearts. A Valentine’s Day baby shower is a unique party in which we are celebrating the ultimate gift of life with the ones we love most, so it goes without saying that this is truly an event to let your creativity shine. So, get your invitations covered with hearts, glitter, and fabulousness sent out and get ready to put on a vivacious party!

Editable Valentine’s Invitations

hearts confetti editable valentine baby shower invitation
pink and red birdcage editable invitation
gothic red and black valentine editable invitation
sweet valentine invitation pink and rose gold

Valentine’s Day Decoration Ideas

Decorations are aplenty when it comes to Valentine’s Day and you can be as bold or as subtle as you’d like. It’s best to stick with three main colors to stay in theme: pinks, reds, and whites. You can’t go wrong with classic décor in Valentine’s Day hues and patterns, like polka dotted or silvery balloons to tie to tables and chairs, or heart splashed streamers that accent doorways or ceilings.

Garland with the baby-to-be’s name or gender is a must added touch and this can be strung up in more than one place throughout your venue. Less classic décor that really ad a brilliant flair to a baby shower are big pom pom globes that hang from the ceiling and tissue letters that mark the monogram of the new baby propped up on tables. Flowers are absolutely essential for a Valentine’s Day baby shower, and roses, hydrangeas, and baby’s breath make for the perfect arrangements. Set your bouquets in places like tables to pose as centerpieces or serving tables as accent pieces. You’ll want to take tons of photos to always remember this event, so a DIY photo booth for you and your guests to enjoy is a great way to make this happen. Pick a solid colored wall and hang heart garland vertically across for a simple backdrop and have photo booth props like mustaches, hats, glasses, and a sign of congratulations to the mom-to-be on hand for your guests to play with.

Paper Tassel Garland
valentines Tasseled Honeycomb

Valentine’s Day Food Ideas

Food is one of the most important aspects of a baby shower, and you can really have fun with the fare in the Valentine’s Day theme. A celebration cake with imagery of hearts and letters expressing joy for the soon-to-be baby is a wonderful idea and can be a magnificent main attraction for the party. Equally detail-decorated red and pink rose cupcakes, cookies, and candies presented in sophisticated glass apothecary jars or heart-shaped holders and stands are a must-have. One or two unexpected delights are a great idea to impress your guests, such as color-layered pudding parfaits in champagne glasses or heart-shaped, sugar coated cake pops sprinkled with mini hearts. For savory dishes, finger foods are the smartest way to go, and beverages are best served in large dispensers with cute labels. Matching forks, cups, plates, and napkins tie your entire food presentation together.

valentines day baby shower rose cupcakes creations

Valentine’s Day Activity & Game Ideas

  • Always the fun Valentine’s Day themed photo booth
  • Guess the baby food – Taste, smell or just look at each baby food sample and then write down the flavor you think is in each sample. Write your guess in the corresponding space. The person with the most correct answers wins!
  • Celebrity baby name – Which Baby Name belongs to which Celebrity Mom?
  • Baby Item Game – Can you guess what the mommy-to-be wrote? Get the most correct in 3 minutes and win a prize!
valentines day baby shower photobooth props
Valentine’s Day baby shower game Ideas
Valentine’s Day baby shower games guess the baby food
Valentines Day Baby Shower Games

Valentine’s Day Favor Ideas

Last but certainly not least, are the party favors! You’ll want to pamper your guests for coming out to celebrate such a jovial occasion and there’s no better way to do that than awesome and unforgettable favors. Candies and cookies wrapped up in lovely little red or pink boxes or packages with all the best frills and bows is a classic, yet loved way to show your appreciation to your guests. Wrapping these treats up with something personalized is an excellent addition as well.

i love you fairy much favor tags

For out of the box type favors that are sure to put a smile on your guests’ faces, gender-specific takeaways like key chains, bottle stoppers, wine glass charms, or candle holders are special and meaningful gifts. It’s key to stick with favors that represent this momentous occasion, yet are useful, so that every time your loved ones look at these favors, they’ll remember this very special day.

Here are some of my favorite items from Beau-Coup!

Whether you cover your Valentine’s Day themed baby shower with hearts galore, glitter, and pizazz, or go for a more subtle celebration with classic accents and simple palates, this event is sure to be one to remember and perfectly celebrates the magic of Valentine’s Day and a newborn baby together splendidly

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