Golden Royal Prince Baby Shower with Teddy Bear

Golden Royal Prince Baby Shower

This ravishing, Golden Royal Prince Baby Shower was planned by the experts at Lima Limao.  The venue chosen for this event was absolutely stunning. Between the gorgeous building and the intricate decor, this theme was certainly a royal event. Using a soft blue tone to go with the gold, the room had a softness to it that was very inviting.


To make the snack buffet the centerpiece to this space, it was placed in front of a lovely mirror, underneath an exquisite golden chandelier. Rather than a single table, three were used to hold the goodies, all different styles in gold, creating a vintage feel.


The large table was placed behind two small ones at the front.  On the large table, a delicious two-layer cake stood tall on a lovely glass cake tray.  It was topped with an adorable teddy bear wearing a crown. He was even posed with one knee up, making him a cute and memorable topper.

There was a delightful assortment of treats offered including little cake pops that had fun details like stars, crowns, and teddy bears.


To accent the table and give it a full look, massive bouquets of blue and white flowers stood on each side of the cake. Columns of blue balloons made a sweet addition to the look too.

Little snacks were placed in fantastic paper liners that looked lacy, giving an elegance to the station that stood out beautifully.  


The two tables at the front were packed with tasty snacks for everyone to enjoy and to blend with the theme, each one had an adorable stuffed teddy bear as a centerpiece.  To quench everyone’s thirst, cute bottled water with personalized teddy bear labels was offered, each on an individual saucer, creating a unique look that was sure to be enjoyed.

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