Dinosaur Baby Shower Ideas

Dinosaur Baby Shower Invitation

Dinosaur Baby Shower Invitation for Boy


Baby shower celebrations are events that make us feel nostalgic, so coming up with a theme for a baby shower party that goes hand in hand with that feeling can make the event an unforgettable one.

One such great idea for an entertaining theme that takes us back to childhood is that of dinosaurs! Whether the mom-to-be is welcoming a boy or girl, dinosaurs are a fun motif for either, and the party decoration ideas for a dinosaur baby shower are endless!

Dinosaur Baby Shower Invitation

Invites featuring an adorable baby dinosaur hatching out of its egg announcing the excitement for the arrival of the new baby are perfect for getting everyone excited and ready for the shower.

Dinosaur Baby Shower Invitation for Boy

Dinosaur Welcome Sign

Have a poster-sized welcome sign up at the entrance of the party venue welcoming guests with the image of a gaggle of tiny smiling dinosaurs of all kinds, and have plenty of foliage around in the forms of palms or luscious green plants in general.

Little terrariums with pebbles, plants and toy dinosaurs is a really cool accent to the party, as well. Put stick up colorful shapes on the walls of dinosaur silhouettes, and cover the ceiling with black and green balloons.

Dinosaur Theme Phrases

Have mini chalkboards with fun spins that keep with the theme in phrases such as “Dino-mite”, “Hatching Soon!”, “Rawr!”, or “Boys/Girls Rock!”. Create a banner out of wire and clothespins holding cute baby onesies with dinosaur patterns on them.

Dinosaur Baby Shower Cake

Dinosaur Rawr Foil Balloons


Dinosaur Themed Food

Have just as much fun with the food creations as you do with the décor, too! A volcano cake with fondant dinosaurs is a sight, as well as dinosaur shaped cookies, dino head cakepops, candied eggs with colorful spots, and a green-hued themed beverages.

Matching dinosaur plates, cups, and servingware is also a great touch! Another small detail, but awesome addition are little baby dinosaur footprints in cupcake frosting, sugar cookies, or as little drawings on tablecloths.

dinosaur shaped cookies

Dinosaur Décors that Pops!

Pops of color in décor are always a great idea, too, so think red poppies for floral centerpieces, or rainbow string lights. Metallic dinosaur confetti, or multi-colored streamers are also an easy way to add color to the décor. For guest activities, you could have small terrariums for them to fill up with sand, air succulents, and even their own little dino figurines. Or, for guest favors, customized dinosaur mugs with the guests names are something they can use, as well as always remember the baby shower event.


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