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Having a theme for the baby shower event makes planning a lot easier. The “Showered with Love” or “Sprinkled with Love” theme incorporating raindrops and clouds is perfect and a fun theme that you can play around a lot with! This theme is also perfect for hosting a Donut themed baby shower!

confetti and sprinkle baby shower
Baby and Breakfast
baby sprinkle decorations

If it’s mom’s second baby, that can be the theme for the Baby Sprinkle with plenty of confetti and sprinkles and umbrellas! After all, if you’re having a shower you need an umbrella, right?

Clouds & Rainbow Baby Shower
by GreatGalas

Baby Sprinkle Invitations

With a simple design with plenty of sprinkles or rainbow confetti, the invitation would look adorable! There are a couple of must-have details in your Invitation.

If it’s going to be a co-ed baby sprinkle, it would be important to mention this on the invite. Other important details to include are; Date, Time, Location Name & Address, and RSVP details including rsvp by date, name and contact details

Editable Baby Sprinkle Shower Invitation

Baby Shower for The Second Baby

Traditionally, baby showers were held only for the firstborn child. Nowadays more and more people are having baby showers for their second child. Although when the second baby is coming, it seems hard to plan another baby shower, and sometimes it doesn’t seem like there’s a point. You already have clothes and toys from the last baby, but that’s not the point!

Blue Sprinkled with Love baby shower
Pretty Little Vintage.

The point of a baby shower is to celebrate this new baby and welcome he or she with love and open arms! Also, clothes and other things used by the first baby can be given to other friends and families as hand-me-downs. A second baby is a great way to acquire other things that are needed for both babies as well.

Big Brother or Big Sister Announcement Baby Shower

Since this is for a second child, you can have their big brother or big sister around for the baby shower. Even have it called, brother-to-be or sister-to-be shower or a silbing baby shower whilst incorporating sprinkles and confetti into the theme.

big sister announcement baby shower

You’ll want them to adjust to having a new baby around, and the baby shower is the perfect place for them to be. Also, so the firstborn doesn’t feel left out, you can have your guests give gifts to them as well. It’s a great way to celebrate the child you have now and the child you will have in the future.

big brother medal

A great way to throw a less stressful baby shower is an “open house” baby sprinkle. This removes the problems of forgetting to invite people and removes the stress so that the mother-to-be and all the guests can have fun and come and go as they please.

Baby Sprinkle Food Ideas

An arrangement of sandwiches can be laid-out for the guests to enjoy, each in a long row, making it easy to grab and go. You can also adorn them with beautiful sprigs of greenery to really make them pop. As for drinks, fresh fruit juices such as orange, and watermelon would be a great way to bring a bright color to the edibles.

colorful salad bowl
nicely arranged sandwiches
Emily Henderson

A Donut bar is also a great idea for guests to enjoy all the flavors and types of donuts mommy-to-be loves! Prepare a donut themed banner for the station with plenty of donuts on the go!

donut bar

Baby Sprinkle Cake & Desserts

You could have a sheet cake with a rainy day scene drawn on it and an umbrella over a bassinet. You could go with the same thing but instead of a bassinet, it could be a baby on a pillow covered with an umbrella or any kind of stuffed animal like a teddy bear even.

Sprinkle Baby Shower cake topper

You could have a sheet cake with a rainy day scene drawn on it and an umbrella over a bassinet. You could go with the same thing but instead of a bassinet, it could be a baby on a pillow covered with an umbrella or any kind of stuffed animal like a teddy bear even.

Invitation Parlour
sprinkled with love cupcakes
Invitation Parlour

Then, of course, you have the other option, a cake shaped like an umbrella. Both look very cute and people always love them. If you prefer tiered cakes, then you could go with a 2 or 3 tiered cake topped with a glittery “Sprinkled with Love” topper. All of the choices are very cute but when choosing a cake a lot of it is about the budget so go in with your top 3 favorites and see what you can afford.

Baby Sprinkle Decorations

For baby sprinkle decorations, you could print out some raindrops on solid colored cardstock paper and have them dangling from plain white paper poms. You could cut out a large umbrella from paper and put them on the wall.

baby sprinkle pom poms

You could even use a small umbrella as the chip bowl and centerpiece for guest tables. If you are using it as a decoration on the dessert table, you could have it hanging off the ceiling with raindrops made of blue or pink or simply white paper hanging off each end of the umbrella with a string.

My Little Angel Decorations

Having an umbrella upside down can look very attractive too so think about it. You could use white balloons, pompoms, or fairly floss to mimic the clouds throughout.

Sprinkled with Love Printable

Sprinkled with Love Printable

Pastel Rainbow Balloon Garland

This super cute pastel rainbow balloon garland kit would be an amazing decoration to have. It can be hung behind the dessert table as a backdrop or on the table skirting, or as photobooth backdrop.

pastel rainbow baby shower balloon garland

Baby Sprinkle Games

There are many designs and games to choose from online, especially on Etsy where you may be able to even request custom games or a specific design if you are after something very specific.


One of my favorite games to play for this theme is “How many sprinkles are in the Jar”, or guess the weight of the sprinkles in the jar. You could change it to a baby bottle if you’d like.

Baby Sprinkle Favors

For some baby sprinkle favors, depending on the budget, you may want to give out an umbrella to everyone. Otherwise, if you like, you could make umbrella cookies. Again you can choose what color depending on the color scheme chosen for the party.

rainbow baby shower cookie favors
sprinkled with love jars
The Urchin Collective

You could even get some blue iced cupcakes and use the same rain cloud picture but much smaller, tape them onto toothpicks, and put them right in. It looks so cute when all the cloud cupcakes are sitting there next to the umbrella cookies. If you do choose to do that for snacks, then you can use chocolate lollipops or cake pops as favors. You can do shapes of clouds, raindrops, or umbrellas.

sprinkled with love donut paper bags

You could also mix it up and leave them out on the table for everyone to take one so they can choose their favorites. You could serve white marshmallows in a large bowl too, they can look like a cloud. A lot can happen with the food so make sure you have a little too much.

The best thing about this theme is that it is a metaphor for what motherhood is. No matter what happens in life, no matter where you go or what the problem is your mom is there for you. She teaches you all the things you need to know, makes sure you are a good person, loves you no matter what, and is always there when you need her. She has you covered. She is your umbrella on a rainy day, there to protect you and keep you safe.

Baby Sprinkle Party Collection

Fun Sprinkle themed baby shower events by so many amazing event planners! You can find the planner’s name below each image. I hope you get some inspiration.

oh baby sprinkle baby shower cake
IG @sweetlifeofcece
mom-arita drink station
oh boy sprinked with love balloons
cloud themed baby shower
Paper Crew
pink sprinkled with love cookies
fruits in ice cream cone
Dessert table full of Sprinkles
sprinkle baby shower floral centerpiece
sprinkle balloon arrangements
Sprinkle cookies for a baby Sprinkle
pink and gold sprinkled with love cookies
Sprinkle baby shower celebration cake
girl sprinkle baby shower cake
baby sprinkle party
sprinkle donut Balloon arch and balloon mosaic letter
gold sprinkled with love baby shower
every_day_rae, houseofnavy
thank you for sprinkling favor tag
donut baby shower with sprinkle
via kateaspen
girl donut baby shower
oh baby pastel donut baby shower
Pastel Candy Shop baby shower
Surprise sprinkle party cake
Showered with Love baby shower
Nellie Design
baby sprinkle pom poms
PRINTABLE umbrella'sprinkled with love' party decor
PRINTABLE'sprinkled with love' party decor, labels and signs
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