Chic Winter Wonderland Baby Shower

This modern, Chic Winter Wonderland Baby Shower can have you wanting a winter baby celebration of your own! Karilyn Sanders Photography had the pleasure of capturing each moment of this lovely event.

Invitations were beautifully created on golden sprinkled cardstock.  A large glitzy “Join Us” introduced the winter theme in fun fashion.


The venue chosen for the party was delightful, an elegantly decorated room that was certain to have everyone feeling quite special. A long wooden table was used for the guest seating, no cover was needed to create a charming vibe. Adorable place settings were put together with ivory mats and cute little pinecones holding the guests name labels adorably.  Pink and gold polka dot napkins were used to add a pop of color.

The center of the table was decorated all the way down with lovely flowers and greenery, along with cinnamon sticks and owls, giving a sweet, wintry look. The silverware was golden, adding to the elegant look brilliantly.  Menus were even provided at each seat so the guests would be able to see what there was to eat right away.


A fantastic guest gift given at this event was a DIY craft box that allowed the guests to create their own fantastic craft.

For dessert, a small station was set up for everyone to grab and go.  Set on a stylish table, a golden and ivory cover was used to set the stage for the sweets on top.  Cute booties and mittens added a flash of decor to the table.  On each side of the table, tall cake trays held a rainbow of macarons for everyone to enjoy.  The cake in the center was displayed on a beautiful pink tray.  The cake was a ruffled beauty frosted in white and topped with a shimmering “Oh Baby!” sign.

Chic-Winter-Wonderland-Baby-Shower-Cake Chic-Winter-Wonderland-Baby-Shower-Candles Chic-Winter-Wonderland-Baby-Shower-Craft-Box Chic-Winter-Wonderland-Baby-Shower-Cut-Cake Chic-Winter-Wonderland-Baby-Shower-Flowers Chic-Winter-Wonderland-Baby-Shower-Food Chic-Winter-Wonderland-Baby-Shower-Gift-Box Chic-Winter-Wonderland-Baby-Shower-Guest-Gift Chic-Winter-Wonderland-Baby-Shower-Invitations Chic-Winter-Wonderland-Baby-Shower-Macarons Chic-Winter-Wonderland-Baby-Shower-Menu Chic-Winter-Wonderland-Baby-Shower-OwlChic-Winter-Wonderland-Baby-Shower-Snacks


Photos – Karilyn Sanders Photography

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