Cowboy Baby Shower, Cowgirl Baby Shower Ideas

pink and gold its a cowgirl baby shower dessert table
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Country Western Cowboy Inspired Baby Shower
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Planning a baby shower takes a lot of creative thought and planning. Perhaps you have taken on the job of planning a friend’s baby shower, but you want to do something special and unexpected. I will provide you with ideas for a Cowboy themed baby shower that will be fun!

Elegant Rustic Cowgirl Baby Shower Tablescape
Outdoor Cowgirl Theme by Allure with Decor

There are endless possibilities to create the perfect western atmosphere. Whether you’re going to have a little cowgirl or cowboy, a western-themed baby shower will be the perfect theme to celebrate a new life. Grab your lassos and get to work because there’s a baby shower to be planned! Below are a few ideas to get you started!

Cowboy Baby Shower Invites

Horses, cowboy hats, lasso, sheriff badge, boots, and horseshoes are some ideas you can use along with cow, bandana or paisley wouuld nicely set the theme of the baby shower perfectly. You can find plenty of beautiful handmade invitations on Etsy or for printed invites, check out Amazon!

Printable Wild West Baby Shower Invite
editable cowgirl baby shower invitation

Western Baby Shower Decorations

You will want to have a place where you can put down hay bales as part of the decorations because hay is a perfect accessory for this theme. Whether in a form of table centerpiece using mini hays or larger ones where you can spread them out on the floor and strategically place them to serve as seating. With a nice balloon garland, the mommy-to-be and the guests will surely be impressed!

cowgirl balloon garland

For the backdrop of the main table, you can set the scene with a rustic wooden barn door backdrop or wild west swinging doors backdrop. Maybe put some hay bales on either side of the table. Around the room, place items that can represent the old west, like ropes, saddles, lanterns, and heaps of paisley patterned fabrics and decors!

Make this baby shower unique by asking all of the guests to come dressed up in western attire, prepared to do some roping!

Editable Cowgirl Sign

An editable Cowgirl Sign could be a fun addition and add to the overall ambiance. An Editable Cowgirl Sign is also a good option if you want to customize the sign with your own text or message. This allows you to personalize the sign for your baby shower.

Editable Cowgirl Sign

Western Rope Name Sign

Display the name of the baby being celebrated with this unique western rope sign. The sign can be hung on a wall or placed as part of a party display.

rustic cowboy backdrop
IG belles_decor

The rope name is firmly attached with glue, nails, and staples. This means that the decoration is built to last! This piece would look adorable displayed in a western-themed nursery after the baby shower is over.

Cowboy OR Cowgirl Baby Shower Theme
blue bandana

Western “Mommy To Be” Corsage

Easily identify the guests of honor with these adorable western corsages. The corsages are sold in sets of two and read “mommy to be” and “daddy to be.” If desired, the corsages can be customized for other guests and family members, such as a grandma or an aunt. There is a small pin attached to the back making it easy to attach to any garment of clothing.

Western Mommy To Be Corsage Western Daddy To Be Badg
BloomingParty Corsage

Western Baby Shower Banner

This handmade banner would look lovely displayed on a wall or hung over a fireplace! The banner reads “Little Cowboy” and “It’s a Cowgirl!”. The letters are painted beautifully on pieces of burlap in a bold color, giving the banner an authentic western appearance. This would go perfectly with a Western Nursery afterward as well.

burlap cowboy baby shower banners
chabodsImagination Western Baby Shower Banner

FREE Cowboy Baby Shower Printable

Enjoy this free cowboy themed printable. Included are banners, cupcake toppers, favor boxes, thank you tags, food labels and more! Click on the link below the image for your very free printable!

Western Baby Shower Centerpiece

The first thing their eyes should be drawn to is the fantastic western centerpiece you will create, placing it in the center of the dessert table or guest seating tables. Take a large cowboy boot and put some dry or fresh floral in a cowboy boots. Add some pretty flowers like sunflowers to make a beautiful western style centerpiece. You can also use printable cactus, boots etc cutout props for centerpieces.

sunflower cowboy boots centerpiece
cowgirl baby shower dessert table decors
SunshineParties | Cowgirl Party Decor

Cowgirl Table Centerpiece

It’s likely that your guests will spend a lot of time chatting around your tables, so it’s important for your tables to look good! This cowgirl-themed cutout prop centerpiece is sure to give your guests something to talk about. You can place these props in a glass jar, or potted plant or stick them in flower arrangements.

Western Baby Shower Food Ideas

You can make a DIY trail mix bar with different nuts, dried fruits, candy, pretzels, M&M’s, and mini marshmallows. Prepare some paper bags or boxes for guests to help themselves with their favorite mix.

trail mix bar

Setting up a s’mores bar with graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows might also be a great idea for this theme! Other treats could include a Hay bale rice krispie treats. Mix rice krispie treats with melted caramel, then shape them into small hay bales.

cowgirl krispies

For a rustic vibe you can have cookies piled together and tied with twine, just like how Allure with Decor did for their event.

cookies tied with twine
Allure with Decor

Cowgirl Cake Topper

Maybe you would rather play it simple with a large cake instead of serving multiple cupcakes. Your cake can still embrace the cowgirl theme with this cowgirl cake topper by SweetNewCreations. This edible fondant cake topper comes complete with two boots and an adorable sleeping cowgirl.

cowgirl baby shower cake topper
SweetNewCreations cowgirl cake topper
sweet cowgirl baby shower cake
cowgirl baby shower cake topper
cowgirl cake topper

Cowgirl Cupcake Toppers

Your cupcakes will be picture perfect with these cowgirl cupcake toppers. The toppers come in sets of twelve and include horses, cowboy hats, boots, and horseshoes. How adorable would these look displayed on your table?

Western Baby Shower Games

Bloomers – Wrap up a gift box and tell the guests that they will pass the box around while some western-style music is playing. You can tell them that the box holds ‘bloomers’ and whichever guest winds up with it when the music stops must open the box and actually wear them. However, it is really a joke- as the box will actually contain a beautiful corsage that the winner can wear as a memory of this great baby shower.


Rope a Bottle

Set up some baby bottles in a corner of the room and have guests attempt to rope a baby bottle with a rope that you will provide. Each bottle will contain a slip of paper that has the name of a gift on it and when a guest ropes a bottle, they will receive that gift.

Balloon Race

Cowgirl/boy guests will place a balloon between their legs and race to the end of the room and back. The winner will receive a gift you have prepared. To make it more interesting and challenging, being it a baby shower occasion, you can ask guests to also have a balloon in their belly as they race to and from!


Gather up all friends and families for a perfect photo booth session. You may need to print out a large poster that fits with the theme. A large “WANTED” sign in the background or have a session in a little tent studio with hays.

Free Cowboy WANTED Poster Printable

Free printable WANTED poster perfect for a baby shower! You can use this for the background of your dessert table. Placing it against a wooden rustic wall would look wonderful.

Printable Cowboy & Cowgirl Baby Shower Games

Here are some fun game ideas:

Don’t Say “Baby”: Give each guest a cowboy hat or bandana. If a guest hears another guest say the word “baby,” they can take the hat or bandana. The guest with the most hats or bandanas at the end of the shower wins

Bottle Chugging: Have guests race to chug a baby bottle filled with soda or juice. The first guest to finish wins.

Cowboy How Big is Mommy’s Belly

Adorable Cowboy How Big is Mommy’s Belly Printable by designsforparties. Have the mom-to-be stand in front of the room so everyone can get a good look at the size of her belly. Each person cuts off a piece of yarn at the length that they believe her belly is now. They will write their name on the guessing cards and tie the string around it. Once everyone is done, compare the length of the strings to mommy’s actual belly size. The guest who is closest wins a prize.

Cowboy Advice Wishes for Parents to be Baby Shower Activity African American
designsforparties Cowboy Advice Wishes Card

Western Baby Shower Favors

A simple baby shower favor would be to prepare a bag full of popcorn and add a cute cowboy or cowgirl thank-you tag! If you have some time, you can opt for fancier favors. You can purchase some plastic cowboy boots and stuff them with western-style favors like rope licorice, beef jerky, etc. You could also purchase shredded beef jerky that actually comes in round tins that look like tobacco chew tins. Another idea is to purchase straw cowboy hats and fill them with special guest party favors.

Cowboy Thank You Favor Tag
INVITEDdesignCo Cowboy Thank You Favor Tag

Cowgirl Cowboy Cookie Jar Mix

A fantastic idea by FabRustic with a homemade cookie mix jar. These are just simple and straightforward. Put your favorite cookie recipe in a mason jar. Add a cute sticker label and a recipe! If you know many recipes, then each Jar can be different awesome cookie recipes for the guest to pick and take home.

Cowgirl Cookie Mason Jar Mix - Quart Size
Cowboy Cookie Favor Tags and Labels

Western Baby Shower Party Collection

Fun cowboy or cowgirl themed baby shower events by so many amazing event planners! You can find the planner’s name below each image. I hope you get some inspiration.

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Country Western Cowgirl Baby Shower
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cowgirl themed boots and hat props
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cowboy baby shower food table
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