How to Pick a Baby Shower Theme

Baby showers are often given a specific theme.  This gives everyone the opportunity to make creative decorations, cakes, and food unique to this desired theme.  Most importantly, having a theme picked also makes decorating for the event easier. The only problem we have is that picking a baby shower theme can be a difficult task because there are so many wonderful ideas out there.  Inquiring what the expectant mom prefers is usually the best way to get an idea for a theme, but if the shower is a surprise, pick the one that may suit the mom-to-be the best.

Ask a Set of Questions

When choosing a baby shower theme, write down a set of questions.  For instance, is mommy-to-be a fan of anything? Does she like any particular animal? Does she like a particular color? Does she know the sex of the baby? If she knows the sex of the baby, you may choose to go with a particular color laid within the décor.  Pink or blue balloons, streamers, and even candy favors add that special touch so that party-goers can also be aware of the sex of the baby.

Combining Two Themes

While keeping the color theme, you can interlace this with other themes such as a rubber ducky theme.  Rubber duckies are a popular baby shower theme since most baby’s development are stimulated by the vibrant color, and they are soothed while teething away at the rubber material.  Blue or pink rubber ducky toys can be chosen for decorative keepsake wreaths or creative diaper cakes.  Diaper cakes are becoming more popular, and most parents will keep them as a decorative item while others utilize the diapers that make up the cake.

Themes for the Time of the Year

There are some amazing themes based on the time of the year that may assist with picking the theme!


Baby It’s Cold Outside

A Little Snowflake


Little Pumpkin

Fall in Love



Baby in Bloom








Diapers Diapers Diapers!

Craft My Occasion

Since some people choose to display diaper cake over an edible cake, a diaper theme is a great option and you can personalize it with a chosen theme by matching the color of the ribbon and accessories that goes with the cake.  This diaper cake can serve as a magnificent centerpiece for those special events.  Maybe even have a fun game, such as pin the diaper on the baby (a twist on pin the tail on the donkey).  For gifts, no parent can have too many diapers, and so intertwine the theme with the gifts, as well.  Hanging a clothes line around the venue with diapers draping beautifully on the walls adds an extra touch of creative decoration.

Toys and Books

Maybe the mother-to-be has all of the diapers she will ever need, and she just wants to give her child some educational and fun-filled toys and books. Toys and books are great as it can serve as a great distraction for many mothers to get things done around the house. You can choose Alphabet Block theme,  library inspired baby shower theme or a themed based on mommy-to-be’s favorite childhood storybook. You can kindly request or make a suggestion on the invitation that parents-to-be are looking for Toys or books, new or used.

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Theme Based on Baby Nursery

Still can’t decide on a theme? We can pick a baby shower theme another way! Ask the mommy-to-be if they have decided on the decoration for the baby nursery. Will it have animals? Will it be a woodland baby nursery? You can choose the theme based on the baby nursery. This idea makes the entire event more relaxed for everyone involved, but some expectant mothers may simply prefer a meal with her closest friends to the extravagance of a shower. Taking the fun to a restaurant is a relaxed theme that allows for plenty of chatter and a full belly for that hungry woman due any day now.  Some restaurants have private rooms for a decent price to make the event even more special so that everyone in the party may hear the conversation without having to shout over a crowd of people.

Whether the expectant mother prefers something elegant or a day at the spa, the theme is always fun.  Everything at the party is typically centered on the theme, making it something memorable and special, so that the mother can always remember that special party held just for her little bundle of joy!

How to Pick a Baby Shower Theme
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