Pastel Rainbow Themed Baby Shower

Pastel Rainbow Themed Baby Shower

This gorgeous rainbow themed baby shower was planned by Shaquita Renfro of Party Vibes Venue & Decor Rentals. The party was filled with all of the colors of the rainbow in pastels. The rainbow color scheme contrasted beautifully with the bright white decor.

Pastel Rainbow Themed Baby Shower Cake

The buffet table was fabulous! This party featured an entire feast for guests to enjoy. Foods were labeled with adorable rainbow themed tags so guests knew exactly what tasty dish they were indulging in. A wing bar made for a unique and tasty side. A variety of sauces to try were labeled in a rainbow color scheme. Deviled eggs were placed in clear cups and decorated with bright colored flowers on top.

Rainbow Themed Baby Shower Cake

A beautiful three tier cake made the perfect dessert to top off a tasty meal. The bottom layer of the cake was decorated in a rainbow color scheme and featured the name of the baby being celebrated. The middle layer was a soft pink and held elegant dangling starts. The top of the cake was made to look like a white fluffy cloud and included a bright rainbow topper made from fondant. Guests could also choose from adorably decorated cake pops and cookies.

rainbow themed baby shower event

Rainbow Themed Baby Shower Backdrop

The background of the buffet was stunning! Sheer white curtains were decorated with rainbow colored balloons that resembled a cloud floating by. Soft purple lighting in the background gave the curtains a beautiful soft glow. The table was covered in a shimmery white tablecloth. A gorgeous floral arrangement of pink roses filled the corner of the buffet table.

The guest tables fit perfectly with this rainbow baby shower theme! Every table was covered with a shimmering white table cloth. Clear plastic plates were accent with pink napkins that featured bejeweled napkin holders. Every plate also included a “guess who” game for guests to complete while they were waiting for their food. The centerpieces featured eye-catching roses in an assortment of rainbow colors. Colorful blocks in a rainbow shape also accented every table.

Rainbow Themed Baby Shower Decorations

Even the ceiling of this party was decorated to fit with the theme! The entire ceiling was covered in white balloons in assortment of sizes. The balloons resembled fluffy white clouds.

matching rainbow cushions

A comfy seating area featured pink chairs with colorful pillows. The background of the seating area was perfect for pictures. Large rainbow pieces were topped with colorful flowers. In the center of the colorful pieces, extra large baby blocks spelled the name of the baby being celebrated. Matching chairs and tables were placed at the center of the room for lounging.

The entrance to the party featured a rainbow made entirely from balloons. The rainbow was complete with white clouds on the end. Stunning sheer white curtains were used to frame the rainbow.

guest seating table
do it yourself wing bar
deviled eggs
mommy or daddy guessing game
balloon rainbow over the food table
pastel rainbow colored flower arrangement
pastel rainbow treats
rainbow balloon arch
rainbow flowers
rainbow themed baby blocks
rainbow themed baby shower table setup
rainbow themed baby shower
red beans and rice
3 layer rainbow cake stars dangling
stunning flowers
The greater your storm, the brighter your rainbow
various food menu
waffle fries
white balloons as cloud
you are my rainbow cake
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