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Vintage Map Mini Cupcake Wrappers - Let the adventure begin with these colorful world atlas mini cupcake wrappers.

By: ThePathLessTraveled

These vintage map mini cupcake wrappers are perfect for sprucing up any mini cupcake! Use the drop down menus to select the quantity or wrappers that is right for you.

**These wrappers are designed to fit the average mini cupcake. If you are unsure if they will work for you, we highly recommend you contact us with the dimensions of your cupcakes to verify if they will work for you or order a small quantity to test on your own. Please see the provided measurements below for an accurate description of this product.**

Key Measurements:

~ 1" From the base to the notice of each scallop.
~ 1.5" Wide at the bottom.
~ 2" Wide at the top (to allow for frosting, etc.)

We ship each set of mini cupcake wrappers flat. Once they arrive, you will need to "construct" them - a VERY easy and simple process which takes less than 5 seconds per wrapper to do. To help make it even easier, we also include a "how-to" instruction sheet with each order.

Created in a smoke free, pet free, peanut free studio.
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