Easter Baby Shower Ideas – Spring

how to plan easter baby shower party
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Easter is a time to celebrate blessings, nostalgia, and family. It marks the beginning of spring and the bloom of new life and sunshine—and a wonderful time for a baby shower.

peter rabbit inspired easter baby shower decors

There is no better way to celebrate an upcoming bundle of joy than with bright colors of pastels and a warm welcome of light fares and sweet treats. By incorporating Easter and a baby shower together, your event is sure to be nothing short of enchanting. Easter is also the best time for a Peter Rabbit Theme.

Easter Baby Shower Invitations

Girl Bunny Baby Shower EDITABLE Invitation
By: BlueBunnyPrintables

Easter Baby Shower Decorations

An Easter baby shower should be bright and offer an open, airy ambience. Decorations are plentiful and some you can even incorporate activities with. Pastel colors are a must for your canvas for an Easter baby shower, and because these hues are so crisp and clean, mixing and matching up décor for your celebration is so simple.

White frilly tablecloths and garlands made from yellow bunny cutouts add a soft touch, while teacups, china plates, and gold silverware bring an extra air of sophistication to the party. Remember that while you’re going for a classy look with this theme, it’s also a good idea to add a dash of fun as well. Bunnies, Easter eggs, and baby chicks really showcase the excitement of the bundle of joy.

gorgeous easter bunny treats

For gender specific decorations, go with light blues and yellows as your base colors for a boy, and pale pinks and greens for a girl. Flag streamers with the letters of the soon-to-be baby and pastel balloons with polka dots or striped designs keep in theme with a clean, delightful look.

Spring Easter Baby Shower Ideas

Bunny Confetti

This confetti will make the perfect addition to your party tables! The beautiful pale pink and sparkling gold color palette will have your guest mesmerized! Each bunny is made from high-quality acid-free card stock which makes it perfect for scrapbooking or creating a decoration for the baby nursery after the party is over.

Bunny Confetti decor

Burlap Bunny Banner

This burlap bunny banner is the perfect springtime decoration for your party! The banner includes five burlap pennants with pink and green flowers sewn on each pennant to represent the tail of the bunny. The edges of the banner are treated to reduce fraying. The colors of the flowers can be customized if desired.

Easter Baby Shower bunny banner
By: TurningPageStudio

Easter Baby Shower Centerpiece

Floral arrangements for centerpieces or even more subtle accents should include hydrangeas in ivories, baby blues, or blush pinks. You’ll want to be extra generous on the amount of flowers you use in an Easter baby shower, as it’s not only the time for the birth of a baby, but also the birth of a fresh spring. You can use mason jars or baskets to hold the flowers.

Spring is in the air Easter-themed baby shower

Decorative Easter Mason Jars

Spring Baby Shower mason jars
by MyHeartByHand

These beautiful spring colored mason jars make the perfect party decoration for an Easter themed party. The jars are sealed to prevent paint from chipping and include dainty twine bows. These jars would look lovely as centerpieces and also make excellent flower vases. The great thing about these decorative jars is that they can be used as spring decorations long after the party is finished.

Easter Diaper Cake

Springtime Easter Diaper Cake

A diaper cake for the mom-to-be decorated in pastel yellow baby chicks is a beautiful adornment and will also be extremely useful when the baby comes.

Easter Baby Shower diaper cakes

These spring themed diaper cakes are sure to add a burst of spring to your party! The cakes are made from high quality Pamper’s swaddlers that can be used for the baby being celebrated after the party. The set includes one large, three tier cake and two smaller cakes. Each cake is adorned with an adorable green polka-dotted bunny. The diaper cakes would make excellent centerpieces or would look lovely as part of a display table.

Easter Printables

easter-printable Easter Baby Shower Ideas
free easter food label

Easter Baby Shower Food Table

Depending on when you are having the event, the type of food you serve may differ. For a brunch shower, you may want to opt for something light like hot cross buns, mini muffins, and mini pancakes with various topping choices.

hot cross buns bunny ears toppers
Marina of Party Jems

Otherwise, if it’s during the day, you can go all out with your dessert and savory tables. Setting up a large, main event table that houses treats that are not only delicious, but also a feast for the eyes, is definitely a staple you want for this baby shower.

The main table can house an array of pastel-colored candies in tall apothecary jars, sugar cookies frosted with images of eggs, bunnies, and flowers, the traditional peeps, and Cadbury eggs, and chocolate-covered cordials.

spring easter baby shower food ideas
Hop to it easter Baby shower Tablescape
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Fluffy cupcakes and cake pops are also a delightful addition that an Easter shower can’t do without. For other snacks, cups of ranch dressing with carrots dipped inside and cucumber sandwiches are great grab and go options that still offer a lighter fare to balance all the rich desserts.

Carrot Crescents Filled with Egg Salad
Carrot Crescents Filled with Egg Salad by hungry happenings
bunny tail snacks
bunny tail snacks by Birthday Planet
baby-buggies by little nummies
Easter Baby Shower Ideas

Easter Baby Shower Cake

Bunny Cake

The cake needs to be a show stopper so something adorable like a bunny cake with floppy ears would go perfectly with the theme. You can place some scrumptious cupcakes around it too! Another simple idea for a cake would be to purchase or make a bunny ears topper and place it on top of a plain cake.


If this is a gender reveal shower, then using the cake to surprise your guests is a popular option. The inside of the cake should be blue or pink, so that when you cut into it, the color does the revealing for you! This is a clever and super memorable way to celebrate the little boy or girl newborn.

 Bunny Ear Cupcake Toppers

Easily turn your plain cupcakes into Easter themed creations with these fun bunny ear cupcake toppers! The ears are double sided with rose gold bunny ear centers. The bunny ear cupcake toppers measure approx 2″ x 1.5″ comes on a small wooden rounded pick.

Bunny Ear Cupcake Toppers
By: BoxedFoxParty

Easter Baby Shower Favors

You can get really creative with party favors for your guests with an Easter baby shower, and the biggest part of that creativity comes from the presentation. Putting your party favors in themed Easter baskets or inside a bag with a personalized thank you tag is a perfect way to show your guests appreciation.


Bunny Soaps

These adorable Bunny soaps will be a major hit at your Easter themed baby shower! Not only would they make your guests smile, they are beautifully crafted with delicious candy fragrance!

easter bunny soaps

Easter Baby Shower Activities

Here are some Easter themed baby shower activities that you can consider:

  • Decorate Onesies: Purchase plain white onesies and provide guests with fabric markers, fabric paint, and other decorations such as bunny ears, pom poms, and ribbons. Ask guests to create Easter-themed designs on the onesies that the mom-to-be can use for her baby.
Easter bunny themed Baby Shower Activities
  • Easter Egg Hunt: Hide plastic eggs filled with small prizes, such as chocolates or small baby items, around the party area. You can also assign each guest a specific color of egg to find. The person who finds the most eggs or completes their color collection first wins a prize.
  • Bunny Photo Booth: Set up a photo booth area with bunny ears, carrot props, and other Easter-themed props. Guests can take photos with the mom-to-be to commemorate the occasion.
  • Diaper Decorating: Provide guests with plain diapers and fabric markers and ask them to decorate the diapers with Easter-themed designs. The mom-to-be will have a unique set of diapers for her baby that also doubles as a fun keepsake.
Free easter baby shower Wishes for baby printable
Free Wishes for baby printable

When you put together great décor, delicious food, and thoughtful gifts, you have the happy recipe for an unforgettable Easter baby shower and a joyous welcome to spring that has finally arrived!

Easter Party Collection

Check out these amazing Easter themed baby shower parties by talented event planners and bakers! Find their detail below the image! Enjoy and get inspired!

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