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Pumpkin Birthday Decorations. Fall Boy Baby Shower. Handcrafted in 2-3 Business Days. Pumpkin 1st Birthday Peach Bow Toppers. Set of 12.

By: ConfettiMommaParty

Confetti Momma's Pumpkin cupcake toppers are sure to be a hit at any fall boy baby shower, or pumpkin 1st birthday! Create your own pumpkin patch by topping off your homemade or store bought treats with this modern and sophisticated pumpkin. The will be sure to set apart your pumpkin birthday decorations.

These cupcake toppers are made using high quality gold glitter cardstock with a gray cardstock backing and embellished with a luxurious satin peach bow.

Size: glitter front- 2" tall x 2" wide
cardstock backing- 1.56" tall x 2" wide

Click here for more Pumpkin 1st Birthday and Fall Baby Shower Decor: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ConfettiMommaParty?ref=ss_profile&search_query=pumpkin
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