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BEE Party Backdrop

By: RisaDesign

This listing is for a 12" x 18" printable kit that will be used to create a backdrop for a party or shower. It also includes printable signs to display at the party, Queen Bee Tea, bee-day, bride to bee, ba-bee shower etc.

It was created to be printed on nice paper, at a print shop. If you are in Utah, we recommend using Print & Main, in Layton.

This is a digital file (No physical items will be sent.) that comes with flower elements and bees. The flower elements were purchased from https://www.etsy.com/shop/CreateTheCut. I created this backdrop for a tea party my daughter had, from popsicle sticks, and this digital kit. You can see directions on my website: http://www.restlessrisa.com/2019/03/queen-bee-tea-party.html.

This set is for personal, non commercial use. Please do not sell or distribute printed or digital form.

Thank you for supporting my small business. Every sale makes me so happy!
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