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Personalised Mini Sweet Trees Packed with Sweets

By: CSTheSweetTreeShop

Gift a sweet Tree to a loved one or Special Person!

Introducing the Extra Small Sweet Tree which is between 15-20cm tall and packed with either Chocolate Eclairs, Black Jacks, Fruit-Tella, Fruit Salad, Werthers Originals Hard Candy, Werthers Originals Soft Candy, Werthers Originals Sugar Free or Crème Egg Twisted.

You can choose the colour pot and ribbon to be used on your item - we currently have all colours in stock or you can include a personalised ribbon. For example Congratulations (Baby pink), Congratulations (baby blue), Good Luck, Happy Birthday, Thank You Teacher, Happy Anniversary, Happy Halloween and Merry Christmas.

Each item will be wrapped in cellophane and wrapped with ribbon. A personalised message can be included or we will add a card for you to add your own message.

These will be great as a token gift to teachers or congratulations to someone who will be receiving their exam results soon.

*allergen sticker on bottom of item*

**sweets are hot glued in their wrappers on to item so please use within 7-10 days of purchase for best quality**
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