Pretty Little Pumpkin Baby Shower


This Pretty Little Pumpkin Baby Shower was absolutely adorable with a whole patch of fun for the guests and special mom-to-be. With the special decorating skills of Alissa Hussey Productions, this shower was both elegant and inviting.

A fabulous outdoor space was chosen for this party with an arched area that was a perfect complement to the lovely dessert table. The table and the archway were both white, so they looked bright and elegant. With a vintage style, the table had charm from all angles.

Across the front of this table a massive flower arrangement stole the show with gorgeous blooms incorporated with pretty greenery. With pumpkins on the ground on each side of the table and a massive pumpkin at the center of the table, the theme was beautifully advertised.  A nice range of treats were offered for everyone to enjoy including pink macarons and yummy cupcakes. Vanilla cake pops were shaped to look just like miniature pumpkins for a cute effect.

The graphics at this pretty little pumpkin Baby Shower event were fantastic with a range of fonts and colors that drew the eye easily. There was a pretty pink welcome sign that coordinated perfectly with other framed art displayed throughout the venue. For the guests’ convenience, there was also a large menu to check out.

For games the classic decorate a onesie gave everyone a chance to create a memorable and functional gift for the little one. There was also the fun game of “don’t say baby” where the guests each had a clothespin and had to try to go through the whole party without saying “baby.”

At the guest tables, each place setting featured a delightful sugar cookie for every visitor to enjoy. Some were shaped like pumpkins, some like bottles and each was frosted brilliantly to match the theme tones.

pretty-little-pumpkin-baby-shower-advice-art pretty-little-pumpkin-baby-shower-archway pretty-little-pumpkin-baby-shower-beverages pretty-little-pumpkin-baby-shower-beverage-table pretty-little-pumpkin-baby-shower-bottle-shaped-cookie pretty-little-pumpkin-baby-shower-cakepops pretty-little-pumpkin-baby-shower-clothespin-game pretty-little-pumpkin-baby-shower-couch pretty-little-pumpkin-baby-shower-cupcakes pretty-little-pumpkin-baby-shower-dessert-table pretty-little-pumpkin-baby-shower-ducky pretty-little-pumpkin-baby-shower-flowers pretty-little-pumpkin-baby-shower-framed-graphic pretty-little-pumpkin-baby-shower-guest-gifts pretty-little-pumpkin-baby-shower-guest-tables pretty-little-pumpkin-baby-shower-invitations pretty-little-pumpkin-baby-shower-light-flowers pretty-little-pumpkin-baby-shower-mad-libs pretty-little-pumpkin-baby-shower-menu pretty-little-pumpkin-baby-shower-mini-centerpieces pretty-little-pumpkin-baby-shower-mini-pumpkins pretty-little-pumpkin-baby-shower-onesie-clothesline pretty-little-pumpkin-baby-shower-onesie-design-graphic pretty-little-pumpkin-baby-shower-onesies pretty-little-pumpkin-baby-shower-pumpkin-decor pretty-little-pumpkin-baby-shower-pumpkin-pile pretty-little-pumpkin-baby-shower-special-seating pretty-little-pumpkin-baby-shower-sugar-cookie pretty-little-pumpkin-baby-shower-umbrellas pretty-little-pumpkin-baby-shower-welcome-sign


Design/Planning: Alissa Hussey Productions

Venue/Food and Beverage: Verandas Beach House, Manhattan Beach, CA

Photography: Anya Kernes

Rentals: Pretty Vintage Rentals

Printed Materials/Backdrop/Lettered Pumpkins: Fawn Lettering

Dessert Station: La Tea Da by Ruth

Flowers/Pumpkins: G Fiori

Flower Crown Bar: The Crown Collective


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