Sweet Panda Baptism


Planned by WonderLandEvent, this sweet panda baptism was bursting with teal, black, and white. Adorable pandas filled the room in many different forms.

The dessert table was beautiful! Cakepops and cupcakes were decorated to look just like miniature pandas. A variety of black and white candy filled elegant glass jars. Guests could take home special treats that were wrapped in special patterned black and white bags. Each bag even included an adorable teal string to keep it shut.

The background of the dessert table was filled with beautiful black and white flowers made from tissue paper. A large cutout of a panda took the center stage of the background and even included a large letter in black to add a personalized touch. A black and white polka dot background featured two pieces of solid teal decorations on either side. A white tablecloth was draped with an elegant teal cloth across the top. 

The entrance to the baptism was stunning. A stone walkway was decorated with white and teal tulle on both sides. There were also large lanterns that helped to form a beautiful pathway. At the end of the path was the baptismal font. The baptismal font was decorated with teal fabric and included beautiful arrangements of white flowers on either side. 

baptism mint-baptism mint-panda-baptism-baby-shower-inspirations panda-baptism-lanterns panda-cakepops panda-signs panda-white-and-black-pompoms sweet-mint-panda-cupcakes sweet-panda-baptism sweet-panda-cupcake-wrappers

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