(Teddy) Bear Baby Shower Ideas

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Teddy Bear Themed Baby Shower Ideas
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A teddy bear themed baby shower is such a great way to celebrate a new little bundle of joy, as this motif is really versatile. You have so many options when it comes to decorations and food, and what’s cuter than teddy bears?! Gear up your guests for an adorable party by sending out equally adorable invitations with the cutest teddy bear images you can find and then get ready to overload this baby shower with cuteness.

Baby Boy Teddy Bear - Baby Shower Theme

Baby Girl Teddy Bear - Baby Shower Theme

Baby Teddy Bear - Baby Shower Theme


Bear Baby Shower Invites

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Bear Baby Shower Decors

The best way to start decorating for your teddy bear baby shower is to get your hands on a huge stuffed teddy bear to place on the center table of the party space. Tie some baby blue or pink balloons in the bear’s hand and voila! You have the ultimate welcome to all your guests and a fantastically memorable party addition that everyone will absolutely love. Smaller stuffed teddy bears—normal sized and miniature alike—can also be placed around the party venue to celebrate both the cuteness of teddy bears and the new baby.

Pastel-colored playing blocks are also sweet little accents to place around the party and make for great centerpieces that can be stacked up around vases holding white gardenias or pale yellow roses. Tablecloths in pastel shades with baby teddy bear cartoon designs and blue or pink chair sashes blend together seamlessly. A multi-tiered diaper cake held together with blue, polka dotted ribbon and topped with—you guessed it—another sweet teddy bear is something the mother to be will adore.


Teddy Bear Theme Food

While you can’t have a shower without some yummy snacks such as tea sandwiches, simple soups, and a hearty cheese and meat plate, the real stars of a teddy bear party are the sweet treats. Sugar cookies in the shape of baby rattles, delectable cupcakes with heavy frosting and teddy bear toppers, and cakepops of teddy bear faces are as cute as they are delicious. Teddy grahams and gummy bears in every flavor in colorful round bowls are something to smile about, while brownie bites and honey tarts are especially rich in flavor.

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The shower cake can be as simple or as elaborate as you’d like, but whether you choose a tall, towering cake or a small, frilly one, you have to incorporate teddy bears. Teddy bear toppers or sugar fondant shapes are the most precious accents for the event cake without a doubt. For beverages, punch, tea, or pink lemonade is always a great idea, but also think about adding chocolate milk in cartons or bottles of Yoo-Hoo, since this is a memorable childhood favorite—much like the teddy bears themselves!


Teddy Bear Theme Activity

Baby shower activities can include Jenga with baby blocks, teddy bear trivia, build your own teddy bear, or baby bear bingo. Whatever you choose for party games, your teddy bear baby shower is sure to be an unforgettable one that really touches the hearts of all the guests.


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Teddy Bear Theme Favors

Guest favors should be equally as cute as the whole theme of the teddy bears themselves, so you have tons of different options here. Teddy bear boxes or jars filled with treats or personalized keychains and Teddy bear shaped soaps are great smaller gifts, while you can definitely send your guests home with their own little stuffed teddy bears as well. Store bought honey in teddy bear containers are sure to put a smile on your guests’ faces, or you can fill this type of teddy bear shaped container with just about anything else you choose, such as candy or ingredients for cookies.

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