Charming Carousel Baby Shower

Charming Carousel Birthday Party

With the expert skills of Aura Decorations, this Charming Carousel Birthday Party was purely delightful.  A mix of soft pastel colors created an elegant scene that was sure to impress the guests at this special event. Smooth fonts and gorgeous flowers also made perfect additions to the decor.

The dessert station at this party was stunning from top to bottom.  It was set in front of a large window space that was covered with sheer pastel fabrics to offer gentle lighting that blended with the sweet theme perfectly.  A strand of gorgeous flower garland stretched overhead, giving a natural look to the dessert area. A backdrop featuring a massive carousel introduced this adorable, classic theme brilliantly.

The table itself was gorgeous, the entire front was decorated in personalized art that spelled out, “Baby Girl” in an elegant, golden font. Each dessert was intricately detailed to enhance the theme perfectly.  Candied apples were covered in pink, with little blue flowers and golden accents. Cakepops matched smoothly as well with golden sticks that looked like they just came off a carousel.  The celebratory cake itself was a charming delight with layers shaped to look just like a carousel. It was frosted in a perfect blend of gold, pink and white. Flowers on the side added a soft touch while the bottom was detailed in edible pearl detailing. Set on a golden tray, this cake was a wonderful centerpiece to this table.

The guest tables were round ensuring that guests could visit with each other easily. To match the theme each one had a soft pink cover and blue napkins. The chairs had padded covers for extra comfort. With oversized bouquets of colorful flowers for the centerpieces, each table was quite elegant. Golden frame art made a lovely finishing touch to the centerpieces too.


Charming-Carousel-Birthday-Party-Backdrop Charming-Carousel-Birthday-Party-Cake

Charming-Carousel-Birthday-Party-Dessert-Table Charming-Carousel-Birthday-Party-Floral-Bouquet Charming-Carousel-Birthday-Party-Flowers Charming-Carousel-Birthday-Party-Garland Charming-Carousel-Birthday-Party-Guest-Table Charming-Carousel-Birthday-Party-Oversized-Chair Charming-Carousel-Birthday-Party-Sweets Charming-Carousel-Birthday-Party-Treats Charming-Carousel-Birthday-Party-Treat-Table Charming-Carousel-Birthday-Party-Vintage-Pot


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