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Submit directly : babyshowerideas4u.submit@blogger.com

Newly created Page! Let’s see how it goes!

Each month on the 1st, I will be selecting a THEME randomly, just out of the blue. If you have party photos of any sort, baby shower, birthday, bridal shower, wedding, tea party to just name a few or perhaps party foods or party printables (free or not), you can submit them via email to babyshowerideas4u.submit@blogger.com . The party / food photos / printables will have to somehow fit in the selected theme for that particular month. Theme will be different each month. The purpose of this page is to inspire you and everyone with many great themed party ideas by works of many talented stylist, designers, planners and hostess – A page full of inspirations &  lovely party printables to help you plan for your next themed party!

Please ensure you follow the rules below before emailing for submission –

– This is for submission of photos ONLY, with your name or site name with maximum of 2 links

– Please ensure the sumission is fit for the THEME of the month

– You have the right to use the photo/s

– Minimum 2 & Maximum of 20 photos per submission

– Preferable image width is 550

– One or more of your photos may be sent to the subscribers as part of the newsletter to promote the page, so please ensure you approve of this

– Please allow up to 72 hours for your posting to go live

– When you are emailing the photos, please do not attach them in the email. Please include in main text as what you email is how and what will be posted

*Photos attached in email would not get opened. The photos would need to be included in the main text. As an example, for hotmail users, you can COPY and PASTE the photos onto the main text rather than using the insert option. Anything that goes through insert will be attached to the email so please do not use that option. Once all photos are uploaded, you can add your name or your site name and a link to your site if you have one or to your facebook page. Once that is done, please email to babyshowerideas4u.submit@blogger.com

Thanking you for your cooperation!

Let’s get started by Submitting!!!

View Current Themed Photos


Submit directly : babyshowerideas4u.submit@blogger.com

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