Confetti & Sprinkles Baby Shower

With a blast of exciting colors, this Confetti & Sprinkles baby shower was definitely one of a kind.  Planned out by the fantastic Baby and Breakfast the party had all sorts of adorable bits that ensured a successful outcome.

Polka Dot Baby Shower Ideas

The treat table was a fabulous display of pastels and snacks all blended together to stand out superbly. A massive confetti backdrop was made, drawing attention in a sweet way.  The table was lined in white, so all of the colors could really pop.  Across the front of the table an adorable arrangement of colored tassels was displayed.

Yummy snacks called out with bright tones and classic styles. From the blue frosted cupcakes to the sprinkle filled macarons, there was a tasty bit for everyone to try out.  The cake was a creative wonder with three layers of confetti deliciousness covered in an elegant fashion.

baby sprinkle table setup with favor on plate

Other touches that made this table really stand out included a fun bit of framed art that said, “About to pop” that had cute confetti clip art.  A sweet arrangement of flowers was set in a white teapot and had sprinkles, creating a unique look.

Invitations were made for the party that were absolutely divine.  With a confetti and sprinkle theme, it made sense for the invites to be covered in colorful polka dots and the font used was a perfect bold display of yellow.

A little station was set up with polka dot cups that held sprinkles, so everyone could have their own sprinkle fun!  Even the vip chair was decked out to match the theme spectacularly.  With confetti on the white seat cushion and wonderful, colorful lanterns on the back of it, the chair was definitely a gorgeous addition to the decor.

Credits –

Planning and Conceptualizaton: Baby and Breakfast

Photography: Camille King Photography

Stylist: She Dreams In Ink

Desserts: Lovelots Cakes

Clothing: Elin

Makeup Artist: Gex Garcia

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