Cute Robot Party

This Cute Robot Party by Carol of Partylicious  really brought modern styling together with a great playful vibe. She started off right away with a cool, metallic backdrop that was decorated with colorful gears and a personalized flag banner that was hung with a bright red ribbon.

cute robot party

She found some very fun looking swirly lollipops that gave a robotic feel, and placed them in a metal canister, really giving the treat table a great start.

The cupcakes were done brilliantly in yellow frosting and topped with an adorable gear and placed in a foil wrap that generated that robotic look.

robot party

One splendid treat were robot cookies that were actually divided up into three parts each and separately frosted, making a fantastic idea come to life in a delicious way.

These candy bars gave a personal touch to the party with special wrappers giving attention to the birthday boy, bringing innovation and entertainment in one tasty treat.

Even the napkin holder was dolled up as a robot and greeting guests with a wonderful way to grab their napkins.

The gift table was a continuation of this great theme with a line-up of adorable robot boxes for guests and a backdrop of robots that looked friendly and fun.

The cake was immaculate, a whole robot of tastiness that was frosted perfectly and created a warm and inviting look to the party. He was seated on a great box, giving him a boost over the other treats.

One very unique idea that Carol displayed at this event was the fork holder. She created an entire robot to hold the forks in his head, which was a metal canister but he looked quite entertaining!

There were event delicious looking whoopee pies in a futuristic tray/jar in bright colors that matched the rest of the theme easily.

Styling and photo credits go to Carol of Partylicious.

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