Sweet Little Bird Baby Shower Ideas

A great spring shower idea for this theme is to do it outdoors in a backyard with a long and beautifully decorated table all set up. This theme is perfect for gender neutral baby shower sticking to yellow and green throughout, or blue if it’s a boy and some pink for a sweet baby girl.

All of the food can be spring menu items. Instead of flower arrangements as centerpieces for the table, you can use branches in a clear vase filled with paper grass or hay-like a nest with those cute little artificial birds perched on them. You could paint the branches in white or baby pink if you want those little birds and even a nest to stand out.

branches in a clear vase
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If you do decide to go with flower arrangements, you could put the hay at the bottom where the water would usually go. Another idea would be to look for a vintage, other old-style cage hanging above the main dessert table where the baby shower cake and cupcakes and other delicious treats would be. 

birdcage baby shower tulle skirt for buffet table

For a little flourish, you could put all of the gifts, instead of on a gift table, in a big nest or an area full of twigs. Elements such as these allow the theme to continue without being too much of just the one look.

If you cannot get a hold of real twigs, you can still incorporate an image of the twig with a bird as a background of the dessert table.

You could organize few people to become waiters for a short time to let everyone sit down to a wonderful spring-themed meal with paper birds, twigs or branches, artificial eggs, and a handmade nest for the decorations. It is a very simple, elegant and wonderful shower that looks amazing and really shows how much love the baby has to look forward too.

Here comes the best part! Food and Tweets and Sweets! Spaghetti swirled in a shape of a nest would make a perfect meal to share as well as potato skins for all the cheese and bacon lovers. For appetizer, fancy deviled eggs is a great idea for this theme.

Bird Baby Shower Invitations

Little Bird Baby Shower Invitation Yellow and Grey
Twin Bird Baby shower Invitation, Little birdie

FREE Printable Bird Baby Shower Pack

FREE Bird Themed Baby Shower Printable
FREE Bird Themed Baby Shower Printable

Bird Baby Shower Games

baby girl tweet baby shower games
bird theme baby shower games

Bird Baby Shower Favors

How about these bags of bird seed from Vintage Bloomingwith a nice personalized thank you tag places in a straw basket, or an adorable “about to hatch” kitchen egg timer & blue and pink egg soap baby shower favors.

personalized bird seed favors
bird baby shower favors in a basket
bird baby shower theme about-to-hatch-egg-timer

Birdcage Centerpiece Ideas

Besides the ideas already mentioned, if you are wanting a special and unique centerpiece for this special occasion you can go for a sweet bird-themed diaper cake! Make one with how to make a diaper cake video.

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how to plan a bird themed baby shower

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