Parenting for New Moms

What to expect on your first days home after giving birth

Becoming a mother is a joyous time in most women’s lives. Its the thought of raising your little one from birth and on, the laughter, and the good times, that make it all worth it in the end. If you are a new mom with excitement comes uncertainty of what lies ahead. Some new mother do not know what to expect and worry about weather they can handle the added stress that comes along with their new bundle of joy. Today I will be discussing what a new mother can expect on her first few days home, and common tips and tricks for overcoming coinciding issues related to the new stressors in your life.newborn baby crib

Sleepless Nights

Your baby will cry a lot in his or her first few months of life. The baby will cry to get your attention. Common reasons that he or she will cry are because the baby is hungry, tired, wet (or used the bathroom),and startled. Remember the baby cries to alert you that there is a problem and this is the only line of communication that you will have with your child at this stage in your life. This means a lack of sleep. As a new mother you have to learn what makes your child cry and check for problem areas in order to solve the issue. If the child is hungry it’s time for a feeding, if we a diaper change is in order, if startled or tired you must sooth the baby. you can soothe the child with light rubbing motions or pats on the back.

Losing your baby bump

As a new mother you can sometimes feel self conscious about your body. During pregnancy a woman gains weight to accommodate the arrival of her child, after pregnancy the body will retain some weight. It will take several weeks to lose all the water weight and for the stretched skin to return to normal. Water weight will be shed through perspiration and night sweats, as well as through frequent use of the restroom.

Pains Postpartum

Pelvic cramps and bleeding are common occurrences after pregnancy. Bleeding can sometimes be heavier than a menstrual cycle. This is common as your body is ridding you of uterine tissues, blood, and mucus left from the birth of your child. Cramps are also common as you shrink back to post pregnancy size. Your premium may also be swollen, or torn after birth making it hard to sit down. By soaking the area in warm water you can help ease the pain. Using the restroom can be very uncomfortable for a new mom as well. Eating foods high in fiber and consumption of lots of water will help pass these movements within your system.

Changing Moods

During and after pregnancy a woman must endure various different and sometimes difficult things. Because being a mother may be new to you you will likely experience lows and highs as it relates to your emotional state. To stabilize your mood you must get lots of sleep, enlist the help of friends and family, and getting familiar with the new normal in your life.

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