“Around the Clock” Baby Shower Theme


It’s Baby Time! Time to Shower!

Marking the baby shower party as a start for the countdown till the baby is born; this theme is ideal for a gender reveal baby shower. Host the baby shower around the theme of both clocks and decorations that will surprise both the parents and guests of the party. Although it may sound more like a grown up theme, don’t worry, here are some tips that will help you choose the best decorations for a cute gender reveal baby shower.



Invite parents-to-be for a photo session. Take photos and then craft some handmade frames (pink or blue) to frame the photos. You would preferably need 12 photos, which after digitally processing and printing, you will arrange on the wall in a shape of a clock and can simply use cut-outs for the hands of the clock. This will be the main decoration of the baby shower, around which all other items will flow perfectly along. Use a round table for guests (if possible, order a clock table cloth that will match the theme and some name tags for guests). Paper sun, moon and stars decorations also fit in the scenery warmly!


If it’s for a gender reveal party and the theme is around clocks, you can craft your invitation based on these two characteristics. Craft a paper clock but instead of hours you can place words that will clearly guide your guests to the baby shower date and place. It’s simple – sweet and will save time for other activities.




Food & Drinks

For around the clock themed baby showers use food and drinks that mark a special time of the day such as midnight snacks, tea or breakfast bars. Besides these, a centerpiece of chocolate cupcakes and vanilla cream top decorated with a number matching a clock hour and two caramel sticks for clock pins will leave your guests speechless. Next to it fill some cute baskets with clock cookies, you only need sugar, white frosting and chocolate gel decorator. As far as for drinks you can always pick anything you want or you feel inspired but how about some virgin Pina Colada that will fit with the cookies and table cloth.

You can order a cake that matches the theme, meaning a cute clock cake and ask the bakery to put mustaches and bows instead of hours. This will be similar to a roulette wheel of what baby’s gender will be. Prepare the surprise for the interior of the cake by filling it with blue or pink butter cream. If you’re not into revealing the gender via dessert, there are numerous other ways that the gender can be revealed to guests!

Games & Activities

Set some alarm clocks in the room before guests arrive. Set the alarms at different hours. When one alarm goes on, reward the guest that is standing closer to the mom. All the attendants will be surprised and enchanted by your the game.

Another fun game consists of gathering the wrist watches of all guests in a bowl (for this game you should suggest guests to bring one), mix them and after that blind fold all your participants and direct them to pick one watch from the bowl. After that, each one of them has to guess who’s watch is it. Reward all you guests with baby shower favors such as handmade wall clocks using old records and colorful buttons that you can personalize in order to be more authentic, or wrapped cookies in the same shape. The clock is ticking!


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