Tea Party Baby Shower Ideas

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There is an old saying about little girls being made of sugar, spice, and everything nice. When people often think of little girls, the first image that may come to mind is a little girl surrounded by dolls having her own little tea party.  To help celebrate the upcoming birth of a beautiful baby girl, the mother-to-be can give her little girl her very first tea party by having a tea party themed baby shower that will include pretty tea party decorations, food, and games.

There are so many great ideas that are so perfect for a tea party shower and it would be easy to plan because tea parties are popular enough that people generally know more or less what to do and what to get.


Sweet Blue | Brown Teapot Baby Shower Tea Party Personalized Invitations

Starting with invitations, you could have tea party themed invitations printed out and sent to you pretty easily, but if you have great hand writing and some doilies you can also use them as invitations with tea party sticker to seal the envelope for a nice touch. You could also go with plain pink invitations, fill in the blanks and to the same thing with the stickers. You can add further touch with a cute little pink or red ribbon, and also by cutting up doily into 4 pieces and gluing them on each corner of the plain invitation paper. Otherwise, you could wrap the plain invitation paper with the doily and a ribbon tied around the invitation and doily paper.

Tea party doilies baby shower invitation
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Food & Drinks

If you are going to have a cake, than one shaped like a tea pot would be very lovely. You could even put cupcakes in tea cups for everyone instead. Of course will also serve tea, it is after all, a tea party! Get a few different kinds and you could perhaps let the mommy pick what tea everyone drinks. If you need to borrow tea cups from a friend or multiple friends, it is okay if they don’t all match. It will just look eclectic. Make sure you have enough tea and tea cups for everyone. Twice as many if you are doing the cupcakes in tea cups!


A proper tea party has proper tea party food. Muffins are great, in an assortment is best. Also, little cucumber sandwich triangles or squares with all of the crust cut off. Biscotti and scones are also perfect tea party foods to go along with a tea party theme. You can have an assortment of everything if your budget allows. If you have a 2 or 3 tier cupcake stand you could put the delicious food on it to make it look fancy. Add some tea pot shaped decorative cookies too.



You can have it indoors or outdoors, depending on the time of year, weather, and of course the space you are using. If you have it on a nice patio or in a yard outside, a clothes line with baby clothes, that mommy also gets to keep as gifts when they are done being decoration, pinned up on it is adorable.

Tea Party Themed Baby Shower ideas and decorations Doilies

You could use doilies strung together to make the banner. They can be used for all kinds of decoration ideas. Explore using variety of colors and shapes of doilies. Another great idea for decoration is to have nice china tea pots filled with flowers or a few of them around the room if you can. Having plenty of floral decorations would work perfectly for this theme. You could also cut out on a decorative paper shapes of tea pots and use them as place-mats or confetti. If you have flowers, tie a nice ribbon on a vase with a lovely ivory doily laces.

With the right set or sets of dishes and good planning this can be the perfect little tea party with real saucers and little tea cups, a doily under each of course, and with everyone eating their tea party food, it will feel like a perfect day. After which they will get their piece of cake or little tea cup cupcake as the perfect dessert.

cake stand with skirting

Games & Activities

If you want to play baby shower games, there are some fun games for this theme. You can have everyone put a paper plate on their head and try to draw a baby or a tea pot. Then everyone else will have to guess at what each person was trying to draw, if you can tell at all~

tea bags


Another game is to have everyone try to think of as many words as they can in a minute that start with T, or have TEA in that order in them. You could also do words that rhyme with tea if you want. Or you could break everyone into teams and see who can make the highest sugar cube tower in 2 minutes. Here is another tea party game called Name that Tea. With this game, the hostess will have tea bags with no labels, and guests will have to sniff each one to guess what kind of tea it is.


doilies lacesNo matter what you do with this theme it is sure to be perfect, everyone loves a good, authentic tea party and how many opportunities do you really have to do something so cute in your life. Plus, every time the guest of honor plays tea party with her little girl it will bring her right back to the day that all of her friends came to her tea party baby shower to celebrate her being born.

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