Rosey Garden Party


Rose Garden Party by Joanne of Cakes by Joanne Charmand:

This rose garden party was planned by Cakes of Joanne Charmand. The party was filled with delicious looking treats and unique decor.

The dessert table filled with beautiful creations! A unique cake took the shape of a watering can on top of a white picket fence. The watering can was filled with a beautiful edible floral arrangement. Surrounding the cake were a circle of elegantly decorated cupcakes. The cupcakes wrappers were even made to look like picket fences. Colorful macaroons and cookies were also amongst the delicious treats. 

The background of the dessert table fit perfectly with the theme. The table was set in front of a life size white picket fence. A white table cloth with ruffles gave the party a tea party like feel. Tall floral arrangements were also filled with gorgeous roses. 

A side table featured beverages in bee-hive shaped containers and special glass bottles for drinking. There was even a snack bar with fresh fruits and crackers. 

Guests were treated to adorably wrapped gift baskets. Each basket was wrapped in cellophane and put together with an elegant pink bow.  

Rose Garden Party

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