Modern and Unique Baby Shower Games

The kinds of activities that the guests will participate in can either make or break the party. Because of this, here are a few modern and unique baby shower games to play on your next baby shower that will guarantee a fun and unforgettable time for everyone.

Don’t Drop the Baby!

For a more artistic take on the classic game, have your guests decorate an egg to make it look like a baby. And then, challenge them all to participate in a race, in which they have to carry their “egg baby” on a spoon held in their mouth. To make it even more fun, place a few obstacles on the course that they must maneuver through if they want to declare themselves the winner.

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Baby Van Gogh

An underrated baby shower game, Baby Van Gogh involves paper plates and markers, both of which will be used by guests to sketch a picture of the baby. However, the catch is that the paper plate has to be placed on top of their head!

This mellow yet hilarious activity, along with the resulting illustrations, will definitely have you all in stitches.

Shit Happens Baby Shower Game

Dirty diapers are the bane of every parent’s existence, which is why they make for the perfect baby shower game – albeit with a few significant changes! To play this, put different kinds of melted chocolate in newborn-sized diapers, making them look like actual poop. Then, pass these around for people to lick and guess the candy brand.

Want to make it even ickier for your guests? Then, be sure to make use of chocolates with different textures, such as milky, nutty, creamy, and the like.

Bobbing for Pacifiers

Transform a Halloween favorite into one that your loved ones will enjoy during your baby shower! In this game, guests will be asked to try their luck capturing a pacifier while their hands are tied behind their back. If you want to take it one step further, then number the pacifiers, so that they correspond to a small prize.

Once the entire party is over, you can wrap up the pacifiers and give them to the mom-to-be, although make sure that you sterilize them first!

Make sure to play this game with hard-boiled eggs to avoid making a mess!

Pin the Sperm on the Uterus

This timeless children’s game is a staple in practically every birthday party, which is why bringing them to a baby shower will make for a fun activity, as well as a great conversation starter. This is rather self-explanatory; however, some guests may need a briefing on where exactly they should aim to land the sperm! This game is also perfect for a couples baby shower!

For another take on this game, have the mom-to-be place an egg onto the uterus. Whoever pins the sperm closest to it wins.

Funny Baby Shower Mad Libs

Mad Libs is an uproarious game to play, no matter the kind of party or the occasion being celebrated. Templates for these may be found online, although you can also opt to make your own for a more personalized feel to the activity.

When playing Baby Mad Libs, you can choose to either have each guest individually fill out their own or turn the game into a group effort. Regardless of which one you pick, the result will always be outrageously hilarious!

Labor or Horror Baby Shower Game

If you’re looking for a fun baby shower game that will have your guests rolling on the floor in laughter, then Labor or Horror is just the thing for you. To start, gather photos of horror film actresses screaming their heads off and place these in a PowerPoint presentation, alongside pictures of women giving birth. Each person will now have to guess what exactly the image is depicting.

Those who are open to make this activity a little more risqué can opt for photos of women in orgasmic photos. However, make sure that everyone in the baby shower is comfortable with this – after all, you don’t want to have guests walking out in a huff in the middle of the party.

Minute to Win it Baby Shower Game

Minute to Win it games are increasingly becoming popular baby shower games, thanks to how easy they are to arrange, as well as the fact that they don’t take up too much time. For your party, try playing “Blindfolded Change the Baby,” a game that involves trying to change a stuffed doll’s diaper as fast as possible blindfolded!

Or you can also opt for “Suck it Up,” wherein guests will be picking up mini marshmallows using a nose aspirator and dropping it into a jar or baby bottle. Naturally, whoever ends up with the most marshmallows wins!

Have you played any of these baby shower games before? What other fun activities are there to do in a baby shower? Let us know your comments down below – we’d love to hear from you!

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