Superhero Baby Shower Theme Ideas


Superhero Baby Shower Theme is suitable for baby boy, girl, gender-neutral or even for gender reveal baby shower party. It is surely a fun theme to choose not only for the soon-to-be-mom but also the guests and the children if they are any attending. If mom-to-be also has a child already, then he or she will have a blast celebrating for a new sister or a brother! It will be a memorable baby shower for sure. 

superhero baby shower theme ideas for gender neutral, boys, girls, gender reveal parties

Superhero Baby Shower Invitation

Start by choosing mom-to-be’s favorite superheroes. For example, she may be a huge fan of Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Wonder-woman, Spider-woman, and Catwoman to name a few. A superheroes’ comic theme party is one way to include her favorite characters. Create an invitation featuring superheroes with pictures of her soon to be daughter or son in one of her favorite costumes. For decoration, buy colorful balloons focusing on the superheroes’ colors.

editable printed superhero baby shower invitation
editable superhero baby shower invitation

Superhero Baby Shower Decorations

For Superman and Spiderman, choose an assortment of red and yellow balloons. For Batman, choose blue balloons. Choose a festive tablecloth with colors matching the balloons, such as chevron and polka dot patterns. Buy matching plates, utensils, napkins and cups.


A table runner will be a nice touch as well. Decorate a mason jar with yellow bakers twine and add your favorite flowers matching the theme colors to adorn the table. From a party store, you can buy or create superhero peg dolls for a festive look. You can also purchase or create a fun banner filled with soon to be mom’s favorite superheroes. Add fun superhero sayings like “Pow!” and “Welcome Superheroes!” to the banner.

ADN Designs

Superhero Baby Shower Food

For special treats, you can have cupcakes, cake pops and gumballs displaying different superheroes colors and toppers with superhero words, “Wham!” and “Pow!”. Another dessert menu can have the words “Super Parfait!” with a picture of Gotham City to represent Batman. Healthy treats can include colorful varieties of fruits including grapes, strawberries, bananas, blueberries etc.

ADN Designs

Other food items can include an assortment of sandwiches, mini pies, skewers to place on the table. Create menu sheets with fun superhero sayings on them.

Superhero Baby Shower Centerpiece

For a fun centerpiece cake, you can go to your local bakery or find a friend who wants a challenge to make a cake made featuring different superhero characters’ colors. For example, add superman, Spiderman and batman logos on the cake.

Liz Bassey Studios

A fun centerpiece would be to make your own superhero diaper cake with baby onesies banner in the background. It would be super adorable.

Superhero Baby Shower Decorations Package
superhero baby shower cupcake toppers and labels
superhero baby shower water bottle labels

Superhero Baby Shower Games

Super fun baby shower games such as ‘Guess the Sweet Mess’ would go well for this theme! “Guess the Sweet Mess” or also called “Dirty Diaper” baby shower game is a fun and interactive game to have at the baby shower. How to play? Simply melt different candy bars in separate diapers and have the guests guess which candy bar made the “mess.”!

Another fun game would be “Guess the Baby Food”, which would involve supplying jars of different flavors of baby food with the flavor disguised with our numbered labels. The guests can use their senses to try to guess which flavor is in each jar.


FREE Superhero Baby Shower Games

Download these free superhero themed baby shower printable games including What’s in your Purse, Celebrity Baby Names and Baby Word Scramble!


Superhero Photo Booth Props

superhero photobooth props
superhero photobooth props

Free Superhero Baby Shower Printable

Free Superhero Baby Shower Party Package is available for download! Best last minute decoration. Download available instantly.


Captain America Baby Shower Printable


Superman Baby Shower Printable


Superhero Party Collection

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