Chanel Sweet Sixteen

Chanel inspired baby shower ideas

Chanel Sweet Sixteen by Joanne of Cakes by Joanne Charmand : So many beautiful innovative ideas by Joanne that you could use for her sweet sixteen birthday party!

chanel sweet sixteen

Event Styling and Cakery Cakes by Joanne Charmand
Creme Brules – Susan ElZoghby
Floral Arrangements – Flower Therapy
Chanel Wooden sign SweetTouch Bombonieres

The plate of beautifully decorated cookies is a must have. All of the girls will love them. The cookies in the middle are decorated to look like a small purse with black fondant that has a gold accent as the clasp. On each side of these cookies on the platter are cookies decorated in white fondant that is scored to resemble diamonds or lace. The white cookies are offset with black fondant ribbons and linked “C”s or with white linked “C”s.  Other sweets including cupcakes and cake tops with candied pearls are the perfect couture décor for a special young fashionista.

This beautiful table is the centerpiece of the party. Notice the beautiful three tiered cake decorated with white fondant. Stripes in black fondant decorate the bottom tier and the cake is offset with pink roses, with the top tier resembling a box with lid askew and pearls artfully hanging out.

Chanel Purse Cookies
Pearls, Chanel Logo, Stripes Cupcakes
chanel 5 cake
Shimmering pink and white pearls lollies in jar
chanel sweet sixteen dessert table
Chanel Sweet Sixteen wooden prop
Large Pink and Black Chanel Party Prop
creme brule food label in black stripes
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