Pink and Blue High Tea Party

A Sophisticated and Delectable Pink and Blue High Tea Party by Joanne of Cakes by Joanne Charmand

Pastel Blue and Pink High Tea Party

Beautiful pastel colors decorate the elegant set up made to mimic High Tea. These works of art were carefully crafted by the talented Cakes by Joanne Charmand. The intrinsic detail is hard to miss, as the small treats are presented in such a wonderfully delightful way.

The treats start with adorable cake pops, covered lightly with little candy sprinkles reminiscent of pearls and fabulous bows designed to bring the pastel coloring together. They continue on to exquisitely made rose cakes, with butter-cream frosting piped to resemble roses. These rose cakes are topped with a realistic looking teapot, with fondant shaped over the cake to look precisely as if it were a real tea pot. Beautiful flowers decorate the bottom of the teapot, adding just enough flair to bring the entire cake together. There are joyful cookies shaped to look like miniature teapots served up on an antique hand mirror. These cookies have a texture added to their frosting that brings the attention to detail up a notch.

The alternating soft pink and sky blue are topped with a letter that alternated with the color, the letters painted with a delicate gold paint. This gold paint can also be seen on the lovely cupcakes, each topped with a different design. The cupcakes are served on floral cupcake papers, a perfect accessory to accentuate the feeling of being at high tea. Delicious macaroons are also served on a mirror used as a platter, the macaroons adding to the light pastel colors used throughout this sweet buffet.

This exquisite looking high tea is brought together not only by the scrumptious treats, but by the amazing details that bring a vintage feel to this set up. A beautiful tea cup sitting on a saucer on one end of the table and a matching teapot on the other end tie together the high tea theme. Soft tendrils of light pink and sky blue cotton candy fill two glass containers that are ornately decorated with vintage-looking white holders. Ribbons are expertly placed throughout the display, bringing girlish elegance to this high tea.

Overall, the concept is brought together beautifully. Everything from the decorations to the treats matches perfectly, giving a classic and sophisticated feel to this high tea setup.

Pink and Blue High Tea Party treats and decors
speckled in white pink and blue cakepops
pink and blue tea pot cakes
Delectable High Tea Party food
vintage teapot cookies in pink and blue
High Tea Party
layers of tea sets with golden spoon
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