Charming Silver Blue Sky Baby Shower


Between the stunning decor and the delicious treats, this Charming Silver Blue Sky Baby Shower was a true beauty. It was beautifully put together by  The Little Factory. Decorated in soft cream and light blue colors, the party had an elegant appearance.

The dessert table was laid out in a unique fashion, using an arrangement of small tables to create a vintage look. Set in front of a large window, curtains were used as a base backdrop, with cream and brown colors that set the tone for the venue beautifully. A fantastic, ornately detailed room divider was placed in front of the curtains, creating a charming look.  Right in the center a large frame was hung. It had a shimmering silver finish filled with gorgeous blooms in cream and blue.

The tables all matched the theme tones and made a lovely stage for the treats, no cover needed. Lamps were placed throughout to give a soft lighting that added to the style. On the small tables to each side of the main buffet, massive bouquets of flowers stood tall, providing a fantastic look to the decor. Each of the little tables had a cupcake tower with delightful goodies for the guests to enjoy.

A short front table held lovely little signs saying, “Welcome” and “Dream” and held sweet cupcakes and cookies that matched the theme sweetly. Single rose blooms were placed on this table to provide a cute touch.

The main buffet table held elegant decor like mirrored trays and glass dishes to hold chocolates and other sweets. Thank you gifts sat in the center of the table.  Ribbons in shimmering silver and cream colors made a perfect addition to the dishes.  There were even adorable little bears on shelves on each side of the table.  From top to bottom, this party was a delightfully prepared extravaganza.

Charming-Silver-Blue-Sky-Baby-Shower-Candies Charming-Silver-Blue-Sky-Baby-Shower-Chocolate-Bars Charming-Silver-Blue-Sky-Baby-Shower-Cupcakes Charming-Silver-Blue-Sky-Baby-Shower-Decor Charming-Silver-Blue-Sky-Baby-Shower-Dessert-Decor Charming-Silver-Blue-Sky-Baby-Shower-Macarons Charming-Silver-Blue-Sky-Baby-Shower-Pudding Charming-Silver-Blue-Sky-Baby-Shower-Sugar-Cookies Charming-Silver-Blue-Sky-Baby-Shower-Treat-Table

Credits – The Little Factory

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