Colorful Disney Themed Party

disney party

This Disney party was such a success as a 3 year celebration that we think it would be a wonderful idea for a baby shower as well. With some help from Amanda’s Parties to go, Kate put together a colorful and exciting party that was sure to please.

Colorful Disney Themed Party cupcakes

The invitations were nothing short of phenomenal with a personalized Mickey design that was certain to bring the guests dressed as their very favorite characters. With bright red, black and yellow colors, these invitations were impeccable.

The cake that they made for this party was definitely one-of-a-kind. There were so many layers it was hard to keep track, a representation of six of the main characters from Mickey and Friends and each one perfectly designed.  This cake even had a crooked, attempting to keep balance look that embraced the Mickey theme fantastically.

Colorful Disney Themed Party cakepops

As the backdrop at the dessert table where the lovely cake was showcased, two different colored, polka dot layers were displayed that accented all of the brilliant colors that filled the table. There were cupcakes and truffles and all kinds of wonderful little munchables to enjoy. With each treat following the Mickey theme, this table was definitely a vision of perfection.


There we even a table set up with an adorable wagon full of kisses from the guest of honor at this party. To enhance the look on this table there was a framed Mickey with a personalized message with a fantastic vintage-looking border.

disney party cake

For entertainment, carnival games were set up for the guests to be able to win little prizes that were displayed perfectly on a table that really emphasized the theme nicely. With a personalized banner draped across the front, guests were sure to find the prize table easily, giving them a gift to remember this wonderful party by.

Credits – Printable set- Amanda Parties To Go

Princess- CopyCats For Kids Atlanta

Online Labels (for water wraps, bubble wraps, stickers, candy wraps, etc)

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Colorful Disney Themed Cake
disney birthday
Colorful Disney Themed Party
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