She is “Ready to Pop” Baby Shower

“Ready to Pop” Baby Shower by Lindi of Love the Day!

An adorable soft blue, light-purple, white and soft-green color palette is applied to this “Ready to Pop” baby shower. The incredible dessert designs were created by collaboration between the City Sweet Shop, the Sugar Shack, Frost the Cake, and Baby Binz.

She is Ready to Pop Baby Shower Ideas

The first thing you notice is the overall effect of the balloon theme and the combination of inviting colors all organized across a table up against a window – maximizing the natural lighting. The centerpiece is the beautiful white cake decorated with round white tasty-looking baubles and topped with centered paper balloon pops. Your eye is drawn immediately to this centerpiece despite it being surrounded by so many colorful goodies.

The cupcakes carry the theme from the cake, having blue and green sculpted icing covered in small white orbs of sweet candy.

One of every few cupcakes also has a smaller themed paper balloon pop in its center.

There are unique blue “belly pops” that celebrate the day and even add a bowtie to the expecting form. Somehow, they look delicious and interesting even while carrying the theme beyond mere words.

The cute bags full of individually theme-wrapped chocolates will be appreciated by attendees as an appropriate and tasty take away from the party.

The Oreo pops, covered in white icing then decorated in themed green, blue, and light purple icing look delicious and irresistible. Even the water bottles have received the theme label treatment with a clever balloon design covered with the word “pop.”

The blue, green, and white, colored box filled with caramel-chocolate popcorn presents a very interesting image on the table. The caramel and chocolate colors in the popcorn really create a unique contrast with the dominant theme colors and creates visual interest and attention.

The end result is a really amazing and interesting table that excites the eyes and triggers the appetite. The entire table looks incredible and communicates the theme beautifully.

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