Fabulous Christmas Baby Shower

Fabulous Christmas Baby Shower

Wintertime parties are some of the most glamorous with their bright colors and festive decor options and this Fabulous Christmas Themed Baby Shower is no exception. With an eye for detail and brilliant creative decorations, Laure from La Vie Simple put together an event to remember, and Instants Captures captured the lovely photographs.

snowman diaper cake centerpiece

Using a fantastic snowman diaper cake as the centerpiece of the decor for the baby shower, wonderful red and white colors were used to make a holiday splash for this sweet shower. Surrounding the snowman on the table were gorgeous silver tree branches that added a lovely touch with little additions like tiny red apples.

The cupcake stand was a tiered wonder with a vintage style that looked beautiful with the red ribbon and little personalized labels. The cupcakes themselves looked scrumptious with cute snowflakes and ribbons that made them unique.

One adorable decoration was the snowflake candle holders. They offered a touch of the wintery theme while holding tasty little treats for the guests to enjoy.

Candy jars were spread in perfection across the table and decorated with peppermint style ribbons and labels, that really emphasized their Christmas vibe. And no Christmas Baby Shower would be complete without mini-gingerbread men, they were laid out with yummy looking chocolates and cute mushrooms for a touch of red that stood out brightly.

With a cascade of lovely ornaments throughout the venue area and lovely tins for the trays of treats to stand on, the party had a touch of color shone remarkably through the entire room. The personalized labels created for the snacks were festive and cute with snowflakes and curves that made it simple to see what was available for everyone to nibble on.  This event certainly brought the holiday spirit, with a celebration that embraced a new life with festive feeling that was sure to impress.

diaper-cake-santasilver Christmas tree branches mini-gingerbread men cupcakes in red ribbon and personalized labels fabulous-christmas-themed-baby-shower-decor snowflake candle holders fabulous-christmas-themed-baby-shower-favors snowman-diaper-cake-fabulous-christmas-themed-baby-shower


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