Blue and White Nautical Baby Shower


Showing a love for the sea, this Blue and White Nautical Baby Shower was a beautiful blend of detailed decor and delicious fun. Bee-Unike Events made the most of the huge venue, covering it in all sorts of fantastic things from floor to ceiling.

Guest seating had an elegant appeal that went along with the theme having gorgeous centerpieces of boats surrounded by large blooms.  Each table was covered in a dark blue cloth and the chairs even match the look with a white cover and blue band. It was easy to locate the tables as well with numbered signs, so the visitors would be able to find their spot quickly.

An adorable welcome table was set out with silver, black and white, creating a neat effect. With framed art and a wonderful life preserver centerpiece, this table stood out in style.

A seating area was made for mom-to-be with a blue and white backdrop and anchor art in the center,  a white love seat was placed on a fantastic white rug and surrounded with neat sea decor to give a cozy feeling.

The dessert table was stunning, every bit of space was perfectly utilized with a blend of decor and edibles that was sure to impress. A backdrop of all sorts of fabric in blue and white set the scene perfectly.  A lighthouse stood as a centerpiece, so everyone would know that this was a nautical adventure.  Steering wheels were placed on tall trays on each side of the lighthouse, emphasizing the Blue and White Nautical Baby Shower smoothly. An array of yummy treats were spread out, making it easy to grab and go.  From boat shaped sugar cookies to detailed cakepops, there was something for everyone.  To go along with the theme an anchor cake was made and had its own special table.

Blue-and-White-Nautical-Baby-Shower-Anchor-Cake Blue-and-White-Nautical-Baby-Shower-Anchor-Seating Blue-and-White-Nautical-Baby-Shower-Blue-Backdrop Blue-and-White-Nautical-Baby-Shower-Boat-Decor Blue-and-White-Nautical-Baby-Shower-Boat-Decoration Blue-and-White-Nautical-Baby-Shower-Cakepops Blue-and-White-Nautical-Baby-Shower-Cakepop-Treats Blue-and-White-Nautical-Baby-Shower-Dessert-Table Blue-and-White-Nautical-Baby-Shower-Frosted-Cookies Blue-and-White-Nautical-Baby-Shower-Lighthouse Blue-and-White-Nautical-Baby-Shower-Sparkle-Tree Blue-and-White-Nautical-Baby-Shower-Steering-Wheel Blue-and-White-Nautical-Baby-Shower-Sugar-Cookies Blue-and-White-Nautical-Baby-Shower-Treat-Table


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Bee-Unike Events

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